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  1. Stillman

    Datura metel various

    Im looking for various metal cultivars double purple or yellow or both. Keen for a trade or cash, just after seeds preferably. cheers.
  2. Stillman

    Datura metel various

    thanks found them.
  3. I've got quite a lot of tricho cuts for trade looking for ornamental datura species. triple flowers that sort of thing. If anyone can help.
  4. I’d like to buy some different species of Nicotiana, ornamental and Smokable. Pm me If you got any. Cheers.
  5. Stillman

    Wanted to buy Nicotiana species

    thanks all
  6. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Which ever I’m easy I’m Growing a giant marrow now They are better though autumn in my climate, and can manage cold well. Not sure how they would go over my summer. Would be a fast ad furious grow thats for sure. You guys decide I’ll have a go of whatever when they time comes
  7. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    I’m in if anyone wants to set a date. I’ll plant a couple seeds and see how they germ.
  8. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Because you can buy some pretty epic seed. These are all the same it’s the environment and the culture that will make the final product.
  9. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Yeah I just bought some Mrs Fothergills Marrow seed the “Long green bush 2”. Not hard to get seed not hard to grow. i reckon I can get a 3 or 4kg one out of it I’d the humidity doesn’t smash it.
  10. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Hey. I dont have space for a giant pumpkin anymore. I’d grow a giant marrow? They only little comparatively can get marrow seeds from Bunnings. They still get pretty decent size.
  11. Stillman


    what became of this?
  12. Stillman

    TBM Flowering

    that kind of looks legit actually.
  13. I have this plant self seeding in my garden everywhere. I originally bought it from bunnings years ago. However my plants flowers are all yellow not red and yellow? When you chew it it certainly makes your mouth feel odd. and apparently it was used as a cure for stuttering? Has anyone much personal information/ experience with this plant. some info http://www.enotes.com/topic/Acmella_oleracea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acmella_oleracea
  14. Stillman

    Danish flag

    i have some if your still looking old mate.
  15. Stillman

    Wanted Aztekium seeds or plants

    Wanted to buy or trade Aztekium sp I'm really keen on some A. valdezzi or A. hintonii seeds. looking to by lots of 100 or more. Have a few interesting Trichocereus to trade or happy pay cash. attached is an image of our clone happy to trade a good piece for the right deal
  16. Stillman

    Astrophytum thread

    I by no means have a particularly massive or rare collection of Astros but am loving these guys at the moment. I have managed to set some seed and today attempted to graft a stack to peres. I have seen online some amazing mutants But personally am a big fan of the A asterias hybrids, I really want some of the red flowering ones. ANyway thought I might start a thread and hopefully a few of us can post some pics and maybe swap some seeds or seedlings down the track. A capricorne x A asterias I crossed this back with my A asteria and have grafted 10 or so seedlings to peres this morning. A asterias in flower (I have crossed this with the super kabuto and also the capricorne hybrid. A asterias Super Kabuto in flower And here is a seed grown A asterias hybrid from Hellonasty
  17. I have been growing this interesting tuber out all year. I now have the opportunity to grow a moderate size trial crop out in local Brisbane, will be looking at accumulating data on yield variation of seed grown plants and slips. Mother plant Seedlings in the ground future seedlings
  18. So I was extremely fortunate to purchase some hybridised seeds of various Trichocereus sp from PD recently and after looking at my list I realised I know nothing about most of what I got. I am hoping to squeeze a bit of information out of you guys and girls. I know there is quite a bit of info on the net regarding Psycho0 and Super pedro but most from commercial sellers. Basically I am curious as to how fast they grow and maybe a pic of a semi mature plant. So anyone growing Super pedro or Psycho0 based hybrids? From some of my reading Super pedro may be a cross of T scop and T pach pc? Not sure if this is based in fact or just from looking at plant structure? As far as psycho goes all I know is it is a very fast growing T Bridgesii? And this I am not even 100% lol. So any pics advice, the seeds will be raised in artificial conditions for the first year (18h light 4000lumen 26-30 deg day light temp) then planted out and put in the cacti house for the second hopefully by the third the biggest specimens will be put in the ground. I will put pics up in this thread as I go through various stages in development. Mainly as a visual record for me and anyone who may be interested. Cheeers for any advice or pics in advance.
  19. I havae noticed alot of trich hybrid seedlings are variegated or almost albino. I have grafted a few but the best one was a psycho0 x open pollinated, this was germinated mid February and I grafted it to peres soon after, it grew quickly then has done nothing I'm not sure if its the stock so repotted and will give it a few more months then I might re-graft onto something bigger. Its got bugger all green in it at all just a little swirl at the base and a little in the crown. And you know whats weird its got 9 ribs kind of looks like a Psycho0 x spachianus All the other seedlings from that container are green and seem average?
  20. Stillman

    Datura metel var fastuosa

    This is a very interesting plant, brilliant ornamental and historically powerful ethnobotanical tool in saying that ingesting of this plant is definitely not my cup of tea. But I am curious if many members are growing this coming summer? I was thinking about putting a few plants down and see if there is much flower variation? Maybe try and select for certain traits, size colour, doubles, triples ? Not sure how easy this is but I saw some very col pics of some really sharp purple flowers online. ALso I attached some interesting historical references of the significance of the plant in certain parts of the world. http://entheology.com/plants/datura-metel-datura/ http://psychotropia.co/?p=1128
  21. Stillman

    Ipomea species

    LOve these plants. I have a couple Scarlet Oharas setting flowers in the Hot house. But today came across a patch of what looks like heavenly blue or similar today at an old farm, I grabbed a heap of fresh seeds from the plant and have some soaking. Whats the legality of growing Ipomea violecea? As I understand they are completely legal to grow otherwise popping up on pest species list? But illegal to send seeds overseas? I just really like the look of the plant as an ornamental and want to grow it on my front fence. Don't want to draw any unwanted attention lol. Also will Ipomea violacea cross with Ipomea nil? I'm hoping not as I grow both? Also once I get a few plants going and a few extra seeds would love to trade with other fans of Ipomea. The farm I grabbed them from had 5 different types of Brugsmania as well, but I won't have the plant at my house as I have small children. Any information would be grand cheers.
  22. Stillman

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Thats an awesome effort.
  23. I was very fortunate to receive some very nice pieces of trichocereus from Nothinks today, Looks like there could be two different hybrids amongst the mix? I am extremely impressed with one of the pieces it has a really nice robustness to it, longer spines on the established growth and nice blue tone. I think its a hybrid of sorts was just hoping to narrow down some parentage more than anything. Any and all guess welcome and again thank you very much Nothink for being unbelievably generous. Ok heres photos from bottom of cutting to the crown and in its entirety its a beauty.
  24. I am mad for these plants. Aizoaceae, Mesembryanthemum all of them are cool. Have recently started chasing various species. And reading as much as possible on these very interesting succulent. Here's a link to an id thread I started a few days ago. I accidentally put it in ethno forum instead of succulents and cacti. http://www.shaman-au...showtopic=31803 and a couple new pics Sedum Rubrotinctum possibly a species Delosperma D. lehmannii Possibly D. cooperi but more probably Lampranthus roseus Delosperma sp If anyone else is a keen collector pm me and I will try and sort out some seeds or fresh cuttings. Also if you have any you would like to trade please pm, I am keen on other varieties of Delosperma cooperi apparently it comes in pink ? I am hoping I may already have it lol. Add pics of your own plants etc if you like.
  25. I can't paste links for some reason, have tried a few times and now I am over trying. I can't upload to your gallery as it says my pics are too large. Very frustrating as I don't get here much anymore but would like to show some updates of some of my plants.