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The Corroboree

Happy new year!


Not photoshoped :rolleyes:

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What is this? :)

Very beautiful crystals, looks like an alien world almost.

Photoshop in a space picture behind that and add some shadows and lights and there u have it. :D:D

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Of course I have no idea what is it, as far as I have no education in chemistry :).

However, if I was the person who took the picture, I would speculate that it is hydrochloride of one of important primary amine, and the 'stars' are small crystallisation centres on glass defects :)

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Hypothetically, if there is axiom A: all christmas presents go under the christmas tree

And also axiom B: the christmas tree and what is under it, are your christmas present

Then there would an infinite regression of trees, and it would look like this image somewhat.

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However, the 'stars' seem to be an exception of the axioms A and B. Unless the world is wrapped somehow in a non-Euclidian space :)

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Lol wickerman I saw this too after the salt n vinegar post.  You bumped a six year old conversation and obliged a long gone (i think) member.

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