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    Phenology, bonsai, cacti, landscaping, knowledge, psychology, technology, engineering, limerance and the process of thought.

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  1. Fluss

    Id trich?

    Thank you EG! iiiii guess i can graft on it though! experience? suitability?
  2. Fluss

    Id trich?

    Cactus mix sale on hardware store. Too young to tell? I think it's a Peruvian torch but not sure.
  3. Fluss

    Topping up pots

    You could slip them. The opposite of your idea is done in bonsai sometimes. Lift the rootball ans pad a little layer of soil in the bottom and put the plant back in there. Then try to poke down soil in the gaps along the side as good as you can. It's better for the plant. Depending on who your patient is.
  4. WW - A quick not so looked trough answer would be: That it's just a way to share other ways boring and often heard information and give it some sort of chance to be enjoyed and sculptured by the individual (?) maaaybe If the blatant truth is written straight up it wouldn't be worth looking at almost, right? Maybe it would be but then it's more something to solve than to be appreciated by others (like a forum revolves around really)
  5. That was nice don't forget, it's easier pulling weeds with a friend! Little deeds are like little seeds, they grow to flowers or to weeds! But in all honesty, most gardens have weeds don't they? They might turn into a flower with an eye of understanding.
  6. Fluss

    How to straighten up a crooked cactus?

    It won't ever go away completely, but if it gets thick enough it wont be as visible as it is now, it's only way more prominent now because of it's size. It might be hard to achieve the required circumference, if it's in the north western Europe growing conditions.
  7. Fluss


  8. Fluss

    Led grow lights

    I have a setup with almost exactly the same sort of light, only higher Watt, mine are 45W a piece, for the moment i have 2 - wich have satisfied me more then i thought, my succulents and my bamboo just love it. One more on the way! The columnar cacti won't be growing as fat as they do out in the sun(no surprise) but other then that the combo of being cheap in their consumption of energy and satisfying my plants i think it's OK for the price I payed. Picked mine up for cheap here in Sweden on a Ebay site, for my soon 3 x 45w i have payed 120 aus. dollars in total, including shipping from hongkong. I think it's worth it if they last me a couple of years. I don't even have them as close to the lights as i could, I have a couple of longleafed bastards in there and they don't burn the leaves even when only 1-3 cm away from the diode it seems.
  9. It's in the magnitude of seeing your firstborn child, or your father passing away. - I had no idea - Just 8 hours laying on a couch, here at the university, it's something at its' core that has to do with ethical and moral behavior about the sense of the interconnectiveness of all people and things, at it's heart - were talking about altruism at it's truest state.

    1. Fluss


      We are talking about love and care taking, the love and caring of the environment.

      And we are given the opportunity to study that. I can't think of anything more important.

  10. No I am in a happy relationship with a girl since 5 years next month. But id' be lying if i denied your first sentence of any truth since she's studying in a far away city ^^ I can't understand the rest of your reply though. Are we on the same page mate?
  11. Haha I'm one of those creatures with a ball sack and a single action heat seeking moisture-missile actually, haha but alright ;D Generally I don't think it matters what sex and how much of it is answering the question. It was a question for everybody but my own main interest was if other guys could see themselves thinking the same way.
  12. Hello there, just out of curiosity id' like to know how the prices differ between Sweden and Aus. Here's a link to a popular eBay look a like site, can you tell me if this is cheap for you or the other way? click around and tell me please! http://www.tradera.c...ng?ftgnr=726024 100 swedish KR = about 15 aus. dollars Frakt = shipping Köp nu = buy now Utropspris = current price Is there anyone You would buy straight away?
  13. Aaah, good point! Thank's for enlightening me about that one, didn't thought of it at all! In that case it would be catastrophic for the food chain, i bet ya a lot of new problems would appear as well.
  14. Just came across this, really interesting! http://futuretimelin...tm#.UPAVOW_BEkS Imagine the time it would take to make a baked potato! I really like the fact that they can't reproduce and therefore not "contaminate" the natural plants gene pool.