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  1. haha, wow, thats a sneaky plant. Thanks for the reply.
  2. wickerman01

    Happy new year!

    couldn't leave the first request unsatisfied. Sorry for the bump.
  3. Hey everyone. While I was out for a ride today I came across this nice looking grass (In my opinion anyway, a guy walking past as I was taking the photos said "Why you bothering with that one mate, its a bastard of a weed"). Does anyone happen to know what species this is (thanks in advance if you happen to know)? Pics are pretty huge, but I thought the high res might help with identification.
  4. HI Simhanada, thanks for the reply. Please understand I know the potential for abuse with this kind of information, and I totally agree with what you are saying. My aim is not at all to create a map from which people find and take these plants, but it is more an inventory if you will of the states enthobotanical flora so that people can see how crazy it is to try and ban all these plants. Sadly not everyone is the great person we would hope them to be, and in an attempt to stop the average Joe from wandering out their door and snatching anything they want with no research, the minimum radius of any pinpoint on the map is 25km, making it pretty hard to find the plant without some prior knowledge of botany. (I really shouldn't have called it a map, rather a rough graphic). I think I've set a new record, 5 hours on a forum and I already look like a total idiot.
  5. Hello everyone! I'll start by briefly introducing myself. I'm an amateur horticulturist that believes the restriction and criminalisation of cultivating plants is morally bankrupt and is having a detrimental effect on society, particularly those that have a passion for said plants. That said, I think that there is a lot that people with a keen interest in enthobotany can do to remedy this situation. The way in which the Australian government tends to go about combating these so called 'drugs' is very poorly thought out, and will soon become entirely ineffective if they insist on banning everything that is even slightly psychoactive. In an attempt to show people how abundant these plants are (and to make them more easily available) I am in the early stages of compiling a map of the greater Adelaide region, showing known areas in which plants with significant psychoactive properties can be found naturally. So far this process is quite slow going as there is little recorded information of this kind, so I would much appreciate it if anyone from the region (or anyone who has any information for that matter) could possibly help me out simply by sharing the location of plants they have encountered. Please understand, before I release any information, I would like it to be known that I wholeheartedly discourage the mass-harvesting of anything directly from the wild, as my aim is to make these plants more accessible, not wipe them out in the local area. If you plan on harvesting these plants, please take only enough to grow them for yourself and no more. Thanks for reading, and I'll try my best to release what I have in the coming months.