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  2. Leafnaut

    Wanted Sally D

    Hi all, I’m looking to add Sally to my little collection of curio and medicinal plants. if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks in advance for everyone’s guidance.
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  4. Chemiconaut

    Any Bible scholars around?

    Fellow Catholic Indoctrination survivor. I'm from a very religious eastern European family one off the Hardcore eastern bloc countries sure it isn't a huge secret. My grandma's dream was i become a Priest. But pederasty and molesting kids aren't any of my interests. all jokes aside we prayed decates of the rosary daily knelt in front of the 'virgin' mary and as religious nut s we also did the bonus prayer like Sait Michael the archangel and the blessed virgin. Church every Sunday as well as all the bonus days like ash wed, all saints etc i'm no scholar i have read the bible 6 or 7times have many smart friends who love to discuss religion aswell as being rather curious about the nature of divinity, creation vs evolution, church history, the role of religion in pacify or manipulating the masses. I'm now more convinced that we are the creation of advance aliens then made by some invisible spirit in 7days. What the fuck am i smoking you probably ask. OK lets start with the major old testament stories which all have analogs in Sumerian civilization from for our creation from the clay aswell as adam n eve the serpent to Noah's and the ark,Sodom and Gomorrah, Sumerian believed they were created by living gods (yes plural) these same gods are the gods of the Babylonian, the Assiryian, the Greek, the Roman and i believe the Egyptian. Even the vikings probably the Aztec and others. Every lightning god, water god, serpent god etc come from these Sumerian as best we can tell. Sumerian believe there living gods that walked as you or i among them, made them as slave labour to replace rebelling what we will call lower eschalon Annunaki who grew tired of manual labor on this distant colony outpost. When the gods arrived there were three the father and two son. Enki and Enlil they first settled the Tigris river delta in search of gold. while the father in the heaven remained up above. they were hear long before us. Enki was given the southern hemisphere sometimes mistranslated later to be the underworld of Hades etc and domain over the water, form this point he's also know as Ea. Enlil is give domain over the northern hemisphere and the air and lightning. These gods seem just like us with all our moral and ethic eccentricities, they loved and fought were kind and cruel, married there half sister, killed and raped. Just they are always depicted as giant's next to man.(the angels from the bibles and the rebellion after we are created then beacame more then intead same as the giants that bred with humans). After the worker almost rebelled they begged Enlil for some tool to be made to grant them respite. So Enki and A Female god are tasked with doing this, first the tried to create a worker in the mold of the Minotaur or the sphinx but while strong they were not smart enough to work unaided. So eventually they start on us, taking a earth primate and melding there dna into it, we were created in there image out of mud. After more failure Sumerian adam adapu is made as well a sumerian eve. Smart enough to slave not smart enough to truely concieve of self and reason. Then one day Enki also known as the serpent god because they were a sign of knowledge and wisdom. Told eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, this gave us true understanding of being like our gods, Enki did this against the other gods which a reoccurring them that our "creator" loved his work more then just as slave labour tools to mine. Also Sumerian same all there knowledge was gift by these goods from writing cuneiform on clay to making beer, astronomy metallurgy, maths ,astrology,bicameral congress even there 12based number system(maybe it is 60 i forget) Even the famous Hammurabi's Code of Laws was a gift to Hammurabi. Eventual the ruling gods of which there were always 12, with 12 lesser gods same as most if not all the subsequent religions had as well never 11 or 13 when one was lost another took this place. This reoccurring sacred number of 12 or multiples of 12 is very present from there belief the gods are from a 12th planet in the system, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months in the year. 12tribes of isreal, human's being limited to a life span of 120yrs, there are more but this of the top of my head This must seems pretty outlandish so remember this is all been interpreted by stone age/bronze age man so they record this advance tech to the best of there ability. These living gods are depicted with wings that strap on to them or with dolphins like pilots and admirals are to this day. They can go at will to the heaven up to god in heaven enki and enlil father, they can travel great distance. Same people who turned Sodom and Gemorrah to salt. had weapons of great destructive power, could summon the element the commanded. they fought jealously among themselves as for the little bags they are often depicted with as a source of knowledge. Much more happens like the tower of babel etc but eventually the other gods realize an impending flooding catastrophe is imminent and decided to leave us for the heavens to be wiped. Enlil asked enki were his loyalty lies and is made to promise not to warn his creations of the disaster. Enki keeps his promise but does tell zasudra summerian noah to build a boat when asked why Enki spoke no more. The flood comes wipes the earth clean of us besides noah who drift for 6days until sending abird and landing on mt arrarat. Enlil is enraged but Enki placates him and noah is sent to the heaven where the father lives and is create eternal life. Much of this comes from The book the 12th planet by Zechariah sitchin and some of his interpretation are debated. Even if the debated portion are excluded there is too much smoke one assume there could be a fire. But they are from clay tablet and stone steele from the Babylonian and Sumerians. It's probably not a coincidence that Abraham the father of 3 religions lived in Babylon. Scientist today still are looking for this planet x that Neptune and Pluto's orbit suggest is out there. the Sumerians believed every 3600yrs or a shar. The home of the gods is near earth it is the seed of life on our plant the cause of asteroid belt the collision with what they call tiamat spawn the earth and moon. Putting us on a delayed evolutionary path then the gods. The gods never return one day, then we went from worker to worshiper of there 'Godhood' more so as time goes on and the story is added to and changed. We diefy these Technological people. Eventually Christian had the whole trinity which i think represent The Father and two sons. My god up in heaven literally up in heaven. More thing are changed to suit the people of the time, eve is vilified for excepting Enki's apple of knowledge. Like out the traditional genesis story all the way to a virgin women is impregnated an angel. Births the king of kings to be forsaken and crucified to forgive us of our sins. or Advance beings genetically engineered us as workers, then got a bit attached to there creation gave us true consciousness and reason and saved us when were no longer useful to the rest. Both are outlandish except one is actual something that is possible for us to do in 50-100 yrs with further advanced technology. The quote "Sufficiently Advance technology is indistinguishable from Magic" springs to mind. Sorry for the rambling post i don't touch on many things from the Sumerian Creation Story or The Epic of Gilgamesh.
  5. misko1337

    Loph pups for sale

    pmd you
  6. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  7. Cut off is new years eve day
  8. DJ-MC


    another shameless bump
  9. Responsible Choice

    Meet Up: Sunshine Coast

    Nice to meet you man! Stoked we all found each other. Maybe another in the new year?
  10. That's great. Thanks for your opinion about the track I'm on
  11. Pedro99

    Meet Up: Sunshine Coast

    Thanks for the invite today. Good times.
  12. Pedro99

    What to do with full variegated cutting?

    Hey freako, I'm up on the sunny coast. It's 13cm I'll attach the pic I bought from.
  13. I have 12x "B+" Prints Available (For Microscopy Research Purposes Only) $20/each or 3x $50 including Express Post PM
  14. Last week
  15. Freakosystem

    What to do with full variegated cutting?

    Where are you based? I've got some rooted pc at an appropriate size for grafting. Sydney north area. Is it small enough to impala graft with Pereskiopsis?
  16. Hi guys, I may have gotten a bit out of my depth and gotten a variegated cut. It's small and pretty much completely yellow. Because of this I imagine it has to be grafted or will probably die? I've only ever grafted onto Peres, so am a tad worried I'll fuck it up, and on a vari'd piece. The options I have for stock are some short PC, maybe 10-15 CM, 60 CM psycho0 and a Peruvianus about a metre. The Peruv currently has 3 brand new pups popping at the moment, and as its my only one I'd kinda like to leave it be. Can anyone provide some suggestions please? If there is a good grafting stock recommended I will post up in the wanted section and hope I can grab one. Thanks.
  17. That's the thing i was thinking though, legal of not their gonna find a way to fuck you if you're selling cigs with some any noticeable "high" effect(because nanny knows best and all). But my thinking around this was simple as alternatives to tobacco cigs(quitting assistance basically) that contain no noticeable "high" effects but still have a pleasant smoking taste/experience. As in lets say I scrape up some grass from my yard, dry it out(happens to taste nice when smoked but has no other effect) ,sell it as a smoking mix, what is the actual legal requirements to make this a legal act in regards to licensing ? Any actual law or regulation i come across seems to oddly conflate tobacco/nicotine with "herbal" as only some interpretation of the law as is but doesn't actually math with the law as written witch is written as if tobacco/nicotine products where then only smoking materials that exist.
  18. judoman09

    Mid north coast NSW members

    Hi I'm keen! In Coffs Harbour, but travel down to Kempsey daily. Would be nice to meet someone else into this stuff :-) cheers
  19. Insequent

    Shrooms become a bit more magical

  20. waterboy 2.0

    Shrooms become a bit more magical

    Lol... I gives me the irrits when I can't track back information The review goes back to a zine that wasn't a bad read
  21. waterboy 2.0

    Germinating seeds that are dispersed by wind

    No probs my bro Another thought... Are you reticulated or raintank (bore - rarer) in your neck of the wood ? Edit- a lot of the islands rural reticulated is pretty fckn loose in regards to treatment residuals.
  22. psy blonde'

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Hi could i please get some spores sent and will cover costs of postage as well as any other additional costs please
  23. Looking for a few Khat plants and ideally sa much of the leaf as possible! I am located in Perth. Happy to trade for cacti, caapis, psychotrias, spores or cultures (legal fungi ;)) or cash.
  24. misko1337


    I have a large 50cmish tall one, looking down its a good 60-70cm diameter as the leaves all branch out, fully rooted. I could probably fit it in one of the jumbo auspost boxes carefully. can send pics if you like, heaps of healthy shoots coming out the trunk.
  25. If you start making legal high mixes with damiana, mugwort, lions tail etc I'm pretty darn sure some morality policing official will twist some law to fuck up your idea IF you mark it for smoking. Other than that there's quite a bit out there on the market already.
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