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In-situ Lophophora conservation

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I posted the other day about an episode of The Psychedelic Salon podcast that contained an interview with Keeper Trout. I was surprised to hear KT is an advocate for the reintroduction of cultivated Lophophora to some areas. I had the understanding that reintroducing cultivated plants was typically a bad idea, but KT is definitely an authority on the subject so I did a bit of a review of the literature. I couldn’t find much relevant material, at least using the search terms ‘conservation’ and ‘reintroduction’ alongside 'Lophophora' and 'Peyote' in Google Scholar.

The one relevant paper I did find is here


This paper implies that the ultimate goal of Lophophora conservation is to reintroduce plants to their native habitat, but that more data is needed before moving forward with this to determine appropriate locations and the potential impact.

I recently came across this campaign in the Loph Growers Worldwide Facebook group


The campaign aims to cultivate Lophophora, both to satisfy a demand that is troubling in-situ populations and to reintroduce in-situ. The Cactus Conservation Institute and Sia: The Comanche Nation Ethno-Ornithological Initiative, the Piah Puha Kahni, Mother Church of Comanche Native American Church 1918 Charter Association.

I’m really interested in in-situ reintroduction of Lophophora. If anyone can suggest further resources so that I can learn more about it, please hook me up!  


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Have you seen Hamilton Morris's YT video on his Loph hunt? 

Well worth it for the Loph buffs.

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