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  1. Moogy

    Grafting acacias

    What you said makes sense. Only one way to find out.
  2. Moogy

    In-situ Lophophora conservation

    Have you seen Hamilton Morris's YT video on his Loph hunt? Well worth it for the Loph buffs.
  3. Moogy

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    For sure Humboldt, that'd be great!
  4. Moogy

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    Hey Cubism thanks for the info, much appreciated. Good points, I'll probably end up with a few, or a lot ;), of varieties. Will look at acuminata in detail for sure.
  5. Moogy

    "Longifolia group" and DMT

    I'll be planting some acacia next year (I've got plenty of space), so am looking into suitable types, any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome. WA location, hot dry summer, sandy soil - basically in banksia, Blackbutt, parrot Bush etc country. Confusingly the Blackbutt is apparently E. todtiana, but I've found several different trees across the country named todtiana!
  6. Moogy

    San pedro seeds

    Not aynor, but I'll remember the name. Lol
  7. Moogy

    San pedro seeds

    San pedro seeds? Or others less frowned on? How long ago?
  8. Moogy

    San pedro seeds

    These have been blessed, but the guy has a good reputation and track record so let's see.
  9. Moogy

    San pedro seeds

    Hi guys, Does anyone have knowledge or thoughts about buying seeds from Peru? Do they get thru? Is it legal? Is there a penalty? Thanks
  10. Moogy

    Life between Lives

    I read Newtons book; and Stevenson's; and one based on Edgar Cayce's work called Many Mansions (I think). All of which I found seriously interesting. I think there probably is some continuity of something, not the ego, between lives, but also tend to agree that it doesn't really matter cos whats important is whats going on 'right now'. Who cares if I was a murderous bastard in 1200 BC, or saint manuel in 1525 - the fact remains: here I sit at my computer in 2010 still trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing. It might help to know a few things from past lives that effect my relationships with family etc (eg how come my old man was such a prick ), but you still gotta deal with it here and now. For the record, I went to a lady for past life regression: nothing . Thats not to say she was phony, or it's all crap, cos I still don't know; maybe it was me.
  11. Moogy

    The Psychonaut's Guide to the Galaxy

    There's a part of me that thinks happiness, or its mindless pursuit, might be part of the problem.
  12. Moogy

    Operating a Merkaba

    Reminds me of the book by Desmond Leslie where he talks about ancient vedic texts describing beings controlling flying machines with voice/sound. Kinda makes sense that the human voice potentially has this power given the location of the throat chakra: above the heart. ie. I'd assume a certain level of development and balance of the lower chakras is necessary first before this potential is realised. (As for me - just the usual throat clearing first thing in the morning )
  13. Moogy

    Perth meet

    Agreed! Good to meet you all, and thanks for the tips and things... much appreciated.
  14. Moogy

    Perth meet

    Still like to attend...