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help growing psychotria alba and bring my viridis back from the dead

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I just went and bought a psychotria alba plant, because my viridis isnt doing too well. actually to be honest its been slowly dying since i got it.
I dont know whats wrong, it took a turn for the worst when the cold set in, but otherwise it should have been awsome, leaves were all wrinkly and of the few healthy leaves i got off it they rotted away before doing anything, the leaves were too small though.

Anyway, i feel as though i used a bad soil when i potted it after it started to look bad after spending a few months or so in the original container.

Right now its a shrivelled stalk but its budding new leaves, if i play my cards right, it may well come back to me.

what are the ideal soil conditions for viridis and what should i do, do i take it back inside in a smaller pot? add some seasol or something?
How do i make it come back to life so to speak? in its pot i used a standard premium potting mix with a bit of the garden soil (clayi-ish but very very nutrient rich, is ex cow paddock soil), should i dig it out and change the soil?

Now, about alba, i want to grow it in a pot outside, what are the ideal conditions and what kind of soil should it have? i want it to stay in that pot and grow big and strong enough that i can make heaps of clones from the leaves.

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Fear not drpotato! Your Psychs will do it every year until they are mature. I had to learn the hard way :( lol. In the amazon, they are usually protected from any kind of frost or cold, so overwintering in a greenhouse through mid June to late august, is necessary(in SE QLD anyway) if you want to avoid them dropping their leaves. Once they are about 3ft+ and established, they can usually handle winter outside in a pot, but will shrivel still.

Because of the dryness of winter, be sure to foliar spray, and water your Psychs regularly, winter or not!

Searles premium potting is the goods!

Once they are about 1to 1&half feet, plant into cheap 510mm black pot, filled with the above.

Oh and seasol the shit out of your sad psychs( all over leaves too in morning) , and get the humidity up somehow(get creative if u have to), and watch them bounce back for you :)

Hope the info helps!

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Have limited experience with virdis but has always sounded like its picky with humidity and cold. Alba is hardy you should find to be a lot more tolerant of drier and colder conditions. Propagation is fairly easy seems to throw decent amounts of suckers in pots, leaf cuttings arent too hard either.

Great advice 2Deep2Handle

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