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Vic builders back drug tests for workers

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Construction employers have backed Victorian government moves to ensure all workers on government projects face random drug and alcohol testing from July 1.

But the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has dismissed the need for testing as a stunt ahead of the November state election.

Victorian Finance Minister Robert Clark says that from July 1, all building companies that tender for taxpayer-funded projects worth $10 million or more must test workers for drugs and alcohol use.

Head contractors must perform a minimum number of random tests on workers each month and identify what methods they would use, Mr Clark said on Friday.

Contractors would determine the level of intoxication they deem unsafe and how workers would be sanctioned if drugs or alcohol were detected in their systems, he said.

Tenderers will have to list site security measures, which may include CCTV, a swipe card access system and photographic or biometric security systems in a bid to stamp out criminal activity.

Mr Clark said the measures would cut intoxication, drug dealing, fraud and theft at building sites.

"We are introducing these guidelines to ensure that every contractor that tenders for Victorian government construction projects need to commit to have processes in place to guard against drug and alcohol abuse in their workplaces and also to ensure site security," he said.

Master Builders Association of Victoria chief executive officer Radley da Silva said testing would ensure workers' safety.

"Every construction worker has the right to feel safe from the risks posed by anyone affected by drugs and alcohol on a risky construction site. Those who are doing the right thing will have nothing to fear," he said.

But CFMEU Victorian secretary John Setka said there was no evidence of widespread intoxication, drug problems, theft or fraud on Victorian building sites, nor that random testing would improve health and safety.

"If the government has any evidence of these claims they should produce them in parliament for the benefit of the people of Victoria," he said.

"This is a hysterical appeal to voters without any consideration for factual accuracy."

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Drug testing is a very very clever scam. We are lead to believe that safety and drug addiction and the subsequent "help' to beat your serious life problem are core reasons why it's a logical choice for society to become safer and use less drugs.

Companies introduce drug testing as a means of income. Many years ago drug tests were created. Not to socially engineer you, unfortunately most people don't get past their own nose on that one and simply wail, me me me, civil liberties, it's not fair and all that self serving rubbish. Drug tests were created to make money like every other capital venture. But the product was just the tip of the iceberg.

If you can fool people into believing, your safety, your life is important. People forget that no matter what the company slogan, work life balance and drug testing regime, it's got nothing to do with safety. Financial insurance mathematics has already deemed your probability of an accident. That loss is expected and covered for way in advance. You have a 1/2000 chance of having an accident today as a example. Probability always wins out, look at any casino to see that.

But what happens when a drug free safer workplace still gives a 1/2000 chance in 10 years. Yes, drug testing doesn't reduce the probability. So what's the point. Tricking you into believing that you have a purpose in life. Drug testing can help you improve and kick the drugs. Companies have one reason, actually most people have one reason to wake up in the morning, to make money. You as an actual person are to a company, nothing, nobody, your a calculation of profit vs loss. When you eventually disrupt that calculation, and damage or cost the company, this was a loss.

Today go work for a mine for example. You damage a vehicle and will get a piss test. If your company is fair, if you test positive you will be stood down without pay until your clear. No pay for 4 days divided into the probability of 1/2000. Yep, you just created a free accident for your company. Without drug testing, the company always pays.

Every company will soon realise this and use drug testing as the double zero on the roulette wheel of life.

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Good point mate.

Years ago I would have had a hard time accepting that sort of perspective, until I was appropriated to a committee to appraise the insurance cover needed for the decommissioning of Newcastle steel works. We were budgeting for deaths.

It was a life changer for me, I quit in disgust.

People don't matter when there's money to be made.

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The construction industry already have there own protocol to deal with drug and alcohol affected personal. Witch is very effective and supportive of those in need! I know this for a fact.

I dont think any gov initiative would even come close to comparable to this system. However the gov system would likely dammage an individuals rep by adding shitty credentials to such.

Fuck the government. Bunch of tripping shits.


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So I gather in the construction industry if you have drugs in your system the protocol is "yeh mate take the week off on full pay". Yep I'm sure there supportive, send you off to a therapist 3 strikes and all that, nothing new there. That's all just to make you believe in that key word of support. So long as you believe that then the companies position is justified and is serving your needs then the core reason that your a worthless gimp valued at $250 per day and expendable, and now manipulable, why even worry about testing.

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Spot on posts, didnt actually see this thread till now heh.

Think it largely depends on your employer Santiago in regards to the construction industry, well from my experience anyway and more often than not you would just be sacked no pay no entitlements etc ( which most people dont get being casual anyway ) if you get a positive test result. Another interesting aspect i found was that most placements would imply testing but it wasnt actually enforced until you actually had a on site complaint not sure if it was just hot air to deter fiends and or the higher ups realize that a large percentage of the workforce actively use substances during work hours/before/weekends etc. Also noticed that placements actively testing would/are constantly going through a revolving door scenario in terms of employee longevity again im not so sure its the actual testing (possibly a large factor in SA anyway haha) but also the dreary menial labour it entails.

I remember a Huge million dollar government contract i worked on we had concreters who were mad piss heads ( as most are ) but the policy was no alcohol tolerated on site so they would pump and screet there shit than at lunch walk/drive offsite like around the corner take off there high vis and get maggot lol i never saw any repercussion from such behavior and when there was it mostly came from other work mates who had a beef who took it too site management, some of the dudes would rock up drunk, fucks me why lol

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