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  1. tipz

    I.D please

    Cheers guys I Thought it just didn't seem right. Ill get back to ya tomo Myco. Tipz
  2. tipz

    I.D please

    According to him anyway - and he was visibly effected. ( maybe he had been eating subs too ? I do not know )
  3. tipz

    Brumansia, Ephedra Viridis legal or not?

    If you browse through the threads in this subforum ( legal matters ) you should be able to find a plethora of information on the first page.
  4. tipz

    Brumansia, Ephedra Viridis legal or not?

    I think that regardless of the laws If you are only a collector and do not have a commercial amount of such plants ( just like little old granny down the road ) you should be fine, unless you are being targeted for some reason. ( edit - as for the current laws I know nothing and just assume everything is illegal - which here in SA it is )
  5. Im not entering as I have already received seed. But I'm going out on a limb here. Purely for aesthetics I will nominate Grandiflorus, bridgesii and macrogonus. ;)
  6. tipz

    Animal intelligence

    After reading this I am beginning to think I may have testicular cancer
  7. tipz

    don't cha hate it when..

    Sorry Bog, probably was a little too heavy. I had just read the story and was in rant mode. I bet the conversation at your dinner was interesting. I personally find lesbians fascinating
  8. Too late bro - I thought the reptilians had already done that and engineered us as worker slaves to mine the planet for them ?
  9. tipz

    Attn NZ cactus-heads

    Be very careful Kate. It's a real roll of the dice bringing plants illegally into Australia - especially Tasmania and especially plants containing illegal compounds. I have seen all too many stories of people being raided and there plants destroyed and see them dragged through the legal system. ( If you are really going to risk it Get something crazy like a massive LW crest from uncle chorn's cabin - No don't do that. Risk vs reward I suppose )
  10. What is this plant called ? I'd love to get my hands on those genetics
  11. tipz

    don't cha hate it when..

    Dchiw you read a local news update in regards to a neighbouring town and it reads Police are seeking information from the public following a bizarre and cruel incident at Clayton Bay south of Adelaide, where six miniature horses have been slaughtered. Sometime between from Friday night and Saturday morning - six miniature show horses were slaughtered in their stable at a property on Finnis-Clayton Road at Clayton Bay about 70kms south of Adelaide. The distraught owner of the horses reported the incident to police yesterday. I hope the police catch him before somebody else does I just can't get my head around this kinda shit
  12. Nemisty, can you get a pic of that insanely glaucous peruvianoid at the top centre of the first picture. That plant looks so good
  13. tipz

    Show off your freaks

    I thought the last 3 pics were of the pach I sent you. Don't mind me ( edit - the chicken has to be the coolest looking crest ever )
  14. tipz

    A solstice offering - ALL DONE

    Cannabis It's presence, It's fragrance, It's pure beauty. It's versatility and It's potential to catalyse environmental and medicinal revolution.
  15. tipz

    Show off your freaks

    Looking good GOT ! That pach crest has exploded with growth. Pach would have to be the most stable and vigorous of trich crests.
  16. tipz

    True pachanoi or PC pachanoi?

    edit - misread the above post - comment deleted
  17. tipz

    Post your track of the day

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iggjlmHjt4A ( HTF do I embed youtube vids again ? ) Anyway - A bit of oldschool violent femmes - never tell is my track of the day
  18. tipz

    True pachanoi or PC pachanoi?

    Looks like pachanoi to me. Definitely not PC http://www.largelyaccurateinformationmedia.com/pedro/pedro_02.html ( looks like one in this article )
  19. tipz

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Got my seeds today Stillman. They will be in the ground by sundown. Thankyou
  20. tipz

    Giant pumpkin contest!!

    Do you use a penetrator when you foliar feed Stillman ?
  21. tipz

    Messed Up Movies

    Do not watch that film. It is worse than anything you could imagine. Every copy should be destroyed ! ( edit : and I think of myself as pretty open minded too )
  22. tipz

    Great Barrier Reef dredging approved

    Maybe It's time for a little environmental "extremism" ? Hit them where it hurts ? I just feel peaceful protest, petitions, clicktivism, emails and phone calls don't have anywhere near the "required" impact.
  23. tipz

    1000 post giveaway

    Thanks Obtuse
  24. Those protein powders are full of aspartame or similar artificial sweeteners. Nasty stuff. ( %95 of them anyway ) ( and sub many vegetarians get everything they need from being vegetarian. It just takes education and commitment to do so. )