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  1. Thanks drugo! Really cool
  2. toby

    water chestnut, eleocharis dulcis

    If they're anything like other eleocharis sp. they should germinate fine provided they were fully ripe when harvested. . If perhaps a little slow. Worth checking if there seed is actually present by cutting a few in half as they'll oftentimes have been eaten by grubs
  3. toby

    WTB Entheogen Review books

    Pm me your address. . I have a copy I dont look at. Most info pretty dated and not really that relevant for me, but you're welcome to it!
  4. toby

    Post your track of the day

    thank you.. moodymann, gil scott heron
  5. toby

    Sydney to Mullumbimby road trip

    Which week you planning?
  6. toby

    Post your track of the day

  7. toby

    Iranian saffron

    35g please
  8. Some people get good results from trusting people, and asking for help. They may not be looking for a guru necessarily? Some people learn not to trust, or ask for help and hunt down everything themselves. Neither way makes anyone an idiot really, maybe the trusting people are good at judging who to trust?
  9. toby

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Cloud atlas. . Going to start the book today. .
  10. toby

    Happy birthday Colhawk

    Happy b'day col .. enjoy!
  11. toby

    Have you ever met a propper shaman?

    I haven't. No harm looking but I think Carlos Castaneda made up the concept we have of a proper shaman. My highest expectations are to meet proper people.
  12. toby

    Sydney Plant Swap - 02/03/13 @ Bents basin

    If looking for venues in the south west perhaps Bents basin national park? Or somewhere in western Sydney parklands? It's pay parking at the np, but there's swimming In the river, toilets etc.. even warragamba dam maybe?
  13. toby

    The Discerning Conspiracy Theorist

    recent Noam Chomsky talk, possibly conspiracy to some in parts. definitely worth the time it took to watch
  14. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Could anyone suss out a spot near the heiroglyphs near kariong? That would be a cool place for a camp! Looks pretty quiet and doable from a quick look around on Google earth
  15. toby

    Post your track of the day

  16. toby

    Trichocereus id please

    Not a scop' by my reckoning, looks like a good one though
  17. toby

    Summer Camp - December 8,9

    Yup.. definitely
  18. toby

    Sydney Meet Botanic Gardens Sat 20

    Hope to get along to meet up
  19. bigger pots will get at least as much growth in such a short time.. feed them well! raised beds are good, but for such a short time not so much. frost not much of a problem for trichs.
  20. toby

    Best dirt mix for cactusses...

    That wasn't how i read it. He was to me saying that preserving clones 'true to type' had somehow more value than seed grown. And compared hybrids to dogs at the spca, meaning inferior to pure strains in some scary way. I hope I misunderstood!
  21. toby

    Best dirt mix for cactusses...

    How anyone could be happier with growing pc pachanoi than a swarm of hybrids is beyond me. He even has a dig at xbreed dogs! One of the most anti diversty, nature and life in general rants I've ever had the displeasure of reading. bit sad that people actually feel that way about the world around them true san Pedro! mix seems ok.
  22. Enjoyed this one! Recent book by Martin ball deals with similar comparisons of various tryptamines against a background of fiction. Called 'beyond azara', well worth the time it takes to read