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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Sydney folks - Julian Palmer will be in town to do a talk and Q&A for The Australian Psychedelic Society. Julian will address key aspects and nuances of working with psychedelics as a tool for personal growth, self transformation and/or as a spiritual path and how we might best get the most out of the psychedelic experience, thus utilising these tools to their full efficacy; i.e. maximising benefits and reducing risks. Julian Palmer has been deeply exploring psychoactive plants for the last 17 years and has spoken at conferences in Australia and overseas on this subject over the last 13 years. He facilitates non-traditional spaces for psychedelic plant medicine work and is also the inventor of ‘Changa’. Tickets and details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/179124179485745/
  2. I've provided the link below. Whilst there is a little bit lost in translation I feel from his native tongue to English, and there really did need to be a more comprehensive editing process, it is well worth a look. Some 800 pages of thought-provoking shit. This book is about one of the blind spots in our rational understanding. It explains and clarifies the way we create links and make contact with the extra-dimensional or spiritual plane by way of ritual. It offers a different perspective, taking the magical serious but in a rational way! To discover and explain the world, being, knowing, consciousness, love, information is an unending quest; many great minds have pondered about the fundamental questions. Science has given us insight in many things, the subatomic minute and the infinitely large, but has trouble dealing with the intangibles like love, happiness, justice, feelings, the simple things that decide our daily lives much more than the Higgs particle or the Big Bang. It has, however, not looked into one of our fundamental tools, ritual. http://www.lucsala.nl/ritual/1.pdf Below is also a link to another eBook - Sacred Journeys: Tripguide for Psychonauts. I haven't read it yet, but you can bet your sweet arse I will http://www.lucsala.nl/ Lastly here is Luc himself talking up his ritual book at Breaking Convention last year. One of the MANY awesome talks that went down:
  3. I love sci-fi especially when it is really visionary stuff. I'm not the biggest fan of Kim Stanley Robinson but I was extremely pleased when I just came across this bit on page 80 chapter entitled "Lists (3)". I have no idea where this book is going the scene is still being set but I am strongly intrigued by the Gaian overtones of the main character "Swan", as well as the subtle reference of the title to the Mayan prophecies in 2012. I'm guessing entheogens have a lot to do with Kim's ability to project ideas and patterns and dream visionary ideas, so I'm going to reproduce the list in full to see what you think. Also, this might be a thread to show where other authors have cleverly dropped in psychedelic references that might bypass your average punter - there are a few, usually way more subtle than this. The italics are not mine! Shows an understanding of botanic naming too. This list could well be taken from something Dale Pendell wrote. --- Lists (3) alcohol, fasting, thirsting, sweat lodges, self-mutilation, sleep deprivation, dance, bleeding, mushrooms, immersion in ice water, kava, flagellation with thorns or animal teeth, cactus flesh, tobacco exposure to the elements, long-distance running, hypnosis, meditation, rhythmic drumming and chanting, jimsonweed, nightshade, Salvia divinorum, pungent or aromatic scents, toad sweat, tantric sex spinning in circles, amphetamines, sedatives, opioids, hallucinogens, nitrous oxide, oxytocin, holding one's breath, jumping off cliffs, nitrites, kratom, coca leaves, cocoa, caffeine, entheogens - ethyline, a entheogenic gas, escapes from the ground under Delphi
  4. Anonymous don't get enough mainstream media press, I am often quite impressed by the things they target, but never hear enough about them - don't have much time to go hunting either. I got directed to this website which seems designed to attract all kinds of thinking, alternative people and has more than a few articles that I think members might find interesting. http://www.knowledgeoftoday.org Any other websites recommended for the discerning conspiracy theorist?