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  1. zee_werp

    R. Gordon Wasson and the Sacred Mushroom

    Thanks man, those are really cool. Its always interesting to read stuff from back when hardly any westerners knew about shrooms!
  2. zee_werp

    Psylocibe tea vs eating??

    The one advantage of making a tea is that it kills off any nasties that may have accumulated on the shrooms either in the wild or after picking. I have always noticed, in the case of P. subaeruginosa, less bodily discomfort and weird stuff going on physically with tea as opposed to eating them. Not sure what the reasoning is for this but thats just what I noticed.
  3. zee_werp

    Libs up

    A few more...things are in full swing now!!!!!
  4. zee_werp

    Libs up

    No prints at the mo. What could you do with them anyway? I suppose you could try to broadcast a spore / mycelium slurry onto a field, but I'm pretty sure indoor cultivation is a no-go. Saw one pic of it once that looked fake (the one in the flask). However I have successfully started a new liberty field by getting about 200 fuzzy stem butts and about 20 whole libs, blending them in water and diluting this down to 10 liters then throwing it round a sheep paddock behind my house. Two years later I found about 20 libs and the next year found about 70. Haven't been back there as I moved.
  5. zee_werp

    Libs up

    High altitude South Island NZ
  6. zee_werp

    mushroom files

    Sorry but how do I download this stuff? Clicked on the last thing in the post 'files' and I am now downloading a BitTorrent file called 'The Most High CD Rom'...is this all of the stuff that is listed, or something else?
  7. zee_werp

    Pedro pup

    Yeah it'll grow. Those things make good graft stocks. I've done it before. It will be skinny for a long time though.
  8. zee_werp

    Pedro pup

    Yeah it'll grow. Those things make good graft stocks. I've done it before. It will be skinny for a long time though.
  9. zee_werp

    To cut the mother or the pup?

    For an outdoor plant, it is a good idea to make the cut at an angle. Otherwise water pools in the middle of the core bit when it sinks in after callousing and mold and stuff grows in there. Unless you never get damp weather where you're at. For an outdoor plant I doubt that angle vs. flat is going to make a difference when it comes to number or size of pups. It's going to produce whatever it feels like producing either way. Besides, with trichs, more pups = less overall growth on each one. As for treating the exposed cut, I'd simply make the cut early on a day thats forecast to be warm and sunny, then in the evening cover it with something to shield it from moisture, such as a plastic bowl or bucket. Then take that off whenver the sun is out until the thing seems sufficiently calloused.
  10. zee_werp

    To cut the mother or the pup?

    I'd say cut the mother, and leave the pups to grow. Leaving not much of a stump of the mother, maybe 10-15cm. Cause once they have had their vascular bundles diverted away to the pups, its hard to get the original length cranking again. If you were to take the pup off instead, I would disagree about leaving a bit of the pup on so that more can grow from the 'stump' of the pup. In my opinion this makes the plant look messy and butchered, and any pups that come off it will now be going through two areole connections between the roots and the growth. I reckon it's better to make a nice clean cut at the base of the pup, but thats just my 2c.
  11. zee_werp

    Pics from the country

    Can you give more info on the pink flower one please? It's a trich I assume? What kind? If you don't know the species please describe it i.e. was it pach-like, tersheckii-like, etc?
  12. zee_werp

    trichocerus peruvianus vs cerus puruvianus???

    Probably a mistake, T. peruvianus and C. peruvianus are definitely distinct plants.
  13. zee_werp

    Got these great cutting today

    It looks like T. macrogonus to me.
  14. zee_werp

    Tips for harvesting pedro fruit?

    Cheers for the tips. My digicam made a horrible sound when I tried to turn it on a few weeks ago and its kaput so no pics at the mo unfortunatley. But things are lookin pretty rad. Got some Juuls x Pach and maybe some Juuls x scop and some pach x scop for now. Nothing too spectacular but hopefully in a season or two there'll be some more cool stuff going on. These should be interesting none the less, its almost refreshing to see crosses that should probably have short spines
  15. So it looks like some of my cross pollinations might have been successful, at least the initial signs are hopeful. I am just wondering, for those of you who have harvested your own pedro fruits for seed before, when is the best time to harvest them and what is the best way of collecting the seed? Is there any way of avoiding the fruit going real sticky and the seeds being stuck in a dried-fruit-like sticky goo? Do I wait for the fruit to drop off naturally? etc etc. Any help would be appreciated who knows maybe I'll have some spares.