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  1. spikey

    Free "ipomoea" seeds

    i duno people i bought ipomea violcea (or how ever you spell it) mix from a store and that one came up i think it's just a diffrent color on the original morning glory
  2. spikey

    Mandragora officinarum (Mandrake)

    torsten, i think you should put the mandrake in full sun, that's how they usualy grow, in open fields with alot of sun, they don't grow in shoady places, atleast i never seen one grow like that
  3. spikey

    Catha edulis

    from my exprience as catha grows here like a native plants.... it's not the humidity that bothers it there are khat plants growing in places that are really humid here it's water logging usualy, plants like this need a good drainge of water and thats it, a little bit of logging and they will get root rot
  4. spikey

    Ephedra Campylopoda

    has any one heard of this species got any info on it i would be greatful for anything... spike
  5. hey man, i'm from israel home of psytrance, infected and astral are from israel if u want anything let me know, infected mushrooms new album called converting vegeterian is fucknig brilliant, thier best yet
  6. spikey

    bromeliad seed

    not much mesq. as i told somepeople already is toped watching the news long time ago... as an old hebrew saying says far from the eyes ,far from heart.... as long as i can't see or know whats going on, i just don't care.... what's up there i heard australia got no. 1 in skin cancer, hope u guys take care of yourselfs
  7. spikey

    bromeliad seed

    they do set seeds.... if u cut up a pineapple that fully ripe u will notice tine holes within the pineapple that looks like air holes, in them are small brown seeds, they about same size and color as d. illenosis seeds only they are very very thin... and i think they are very hard to germinate
  8. spikey


    have mandrakes (saved right now for torsten, contact me already torsten , i wanna know if to wait for you or give them now) peganum harmala tasmenian poppy solanum sisym brifolium withiana somnifera phalaris aquatica var. australis datura tatula leonitis leounrous catha edulis basil vocanga africana solanum nigrum mimosa pudica nicotiana pavonii argemone mexicana datura metel double flower nicotiana rustica phalaris arundinacea phalaris aquatica henbane datura stramonium
  9. spikey


    i got some mandrakes if u want..... pm me if intrested
  10. spikey


    id go for a cutting of b cappi, but i live far away... if u wanna trade let me know
  11. spikey

    sun opener

    me me me!
  12. spikey

    Spaceshuttle blown to bits

    man it's not funny i'm from israel and the first israeli space travler or how ever u call it was on board, and a friend of mine was a relative of his... i agree us should control anything but still, this is not a chance to make anger on them, not over some peoples death
  13. i think wild dagga is leonitis leonorus.... no???? what you got is probebly somthing else i think....
  14. spikey

    Tobacco seed for trade or free

    well first of all rustica is wild tobbaco, got much more nicotine i think and rougher smoke and the other guy when u mean venzuelan you mean tabbacum or rustica????
  15. spikey

    Mt Buffalo / Acacia phlebophylla

    just wanted to know torsten if there is anything i ( a man who doesn't live in australia and doesn't have tons of money) might do to help you save this endangered species togther with some other plants you are helping