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    Sri Yantra

    not quite the same symbol, but similar, and amazing to watch these monks at it large scale mandalas etc are fun, of all the paintings ive ever done the big one in the middle of my ceiling gets most compliments. i know that isn't a mandala, but, from my western perspective it may as well be
  2. dionysus

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    just aquired a really nice, old notocactus magnificus and bought a nice pot for it. any way to roughly determine the age of such a pant? would have to be a bit larger than my head with several pubs the size of a fist. also potted my first TBM segment i received from a generous member here recently, was in the post for a little extra (Christmas period, not the senders fault) and had the beginnings of some type of rot at the cut point, so i sulfured it and let heal for a bit, should be solid now also gave a bit of a water and seasol treatment, a few plants needed it after yesterdays heat on a bad note, though, a random globular echinopsis i have looks to be on the wait out, gaping hole in the top of it full of rot and a big patch of sunburn now on that side also, short of grafting an areole i'm not sure how to save the genetics... at least it wasn't a loph, right?
  3. dionysus

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    yes please PMd
  4. dionysus

    *little* giveaway

    hey guys, welcome to dionysus' first little giveaway. i have a pretty mature A. Melanoxylon tree in my yard with seeds just ripening and a few pods open this morning, it may not be podalyriifolia but some of you might be interested, at least as practice germinating acacias or practice with tissue culture or somethin'. timber is a nice artisan timber, good for furniture making or instrument making. the tanins (maybe saponins also?) reduce the availability of oxygen for fish and hence can be used to stun fish in a small water body for surface collection, an aboriginal technique. according to wiki, there is also traces of tryptamine alkaloids in various parts, i think mostly NMT but maybe little DMT, >0.02%. not useful, but still interesting. wiki also states that aboriginal people may have derived some sort of analgesic from it, but, this i have 0 knowledge of and haven't heard mentioned else where and can't be bothered looking at the references, so, take that with a grain of salt. anyway, seed packets will have a random amount of seed in each, depending on interest, but i will cap the amount of packets i send out to 15 to ensure that everyone gets a decently useable quantity. express interest in the thread so others can count if they will be included and via PM with postal details. small trades will be accepted, but not at all encouraged or expected. i will pay postage also, of course with such small packages happy holidays everyone, and have a rad new year dio
  5. dionysus

    *little* giveaway

    been held up with a few things, ill get them posted out tomorrow while im running a few other errands, sorry for the delay bultit, i still havent got a PM from you
  6. dionysus

    Cactus giveaway!

    i would be very interested in a pachanoi x terscheckii awesome offer mate, thanks a lot
  7. dionysus

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    i am interested, PMd. thanks heaps
  8. dionysus

    A.E.A south east queensland Branch

    you shouldn't feel bad bigred, the majority of us are only voicing concerns trying to help you guys. you are clearly passionate about doing this, and that's great, we're just trying to ensure that we give you all the advise we can for you to succeed. some things, such as use of a word, require a bit more discussion as different people have different views and sometimes such a trivial matter can be important. those people being more abrasive are probably just agitated they aren't caught up in the initiative and trying to validate themselves to us as legitimate in our field. every hobby has it's elitists and some don't seem to handle the non-elite doing good work. again, all the best dio
  9. dionysus

    A.E.A south east queensland Branch

    listing #20 on a google search for 'chapter wa' reveals 'the patriots - south chapter', showing photos of burley leather clad men. may not be an outlaw gang, infact ex servicemen who happen to ride together, but, a biker club none the less. even if only a fraction of people give negative connotation to the word, isn't that still valid? just as it was valid when people displayed concerns over gregs use of the word 'religion', whitewinds use of the word 'ethnobotany' and now the discussion of even the word 'feminism'. i put forward the suggestion of the word 'branch' as whitewind noted as it follows our theme of botany anyway. i put forward these suggestions because i would like to see the AEA succeed at whatever it is it will be doing, constructive criticism from their peers may be useful to avoid non-constructive criticism from others later. good luck to all who seek to preserve the pasture of man, (ethnos botane = mans pasture i believe)
  10. dionysus

    *little* giveaway

    ^ i haven't looked into such things for some time, but i remember hearing of folk on other forums trying A/B extracts and things on podalyrifolia and didn't achieve much, it is likely most acacia species have trace alkaloids similar to those interesting ones. i would like to be proven wrong, though, it was one of the first acacias i started to grow when i first got into this hobby, ive always thought i was just misguided by wikipedia or something at the time edit: no need to venture out of the forum, http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3320 has some interesting information on this topic, i cant speak from experience but some of these people seem to
  11. dionysus

    *little* giveaway

    bullit - i still need your details buddy thanks for the extra info waterboy, might need to make myself a nice weapon from it oneday the seeds in a few of the pods this year were a bit shitty? not sure why, but, i think i will have to reduce the amount of packs i send out to 5 to ensure what i send out is useable, so, all those who have expressed interest plus 1 just incase someone else chimes in they'l be in the post tomorrow morning
  12. dionysus

    *little* giveaway

    nice offer self organising systems , or, SOS as i will call you now. maybe that will get a few more takers for my freebies edit: lol i feel like an idiot now, meant to write that melanoxylon isn't as interesting as phlebophylla, too many latin words on my tags i was confused lol. didn't even notice when SOS put up that photo etc, until i thought a little about it . podalyrifolia at least looks nice, despite not being useful for much more than that im sure a plant or 2 couldn't hurt the winner i really do feel like a jackass now lol
  13. dionysus

    A.E.A south east queensland Branch

    didn't mean you wished to be president or anything, just meant it was important to decide such a thing early on to collate the groups ideas accurately and coherently for the target audience, be it prospective members or the people you will eventually lobby. sorry for my 1% remark, was more of a joke at bush turkeys suggestion dio
  14. dionysus

    A.E.A south east queensland Branch

    bigred, please don't take offense to this as i don't mean it to demean you or discourage you from what you are doing. as your first point of order, though, i would recommend discussing with other interested parties and deciding who amongst you is best spoken. that way, you can use this person as your sole 'publicist'. if you want to be recognised as serious and scientific as apposed to a 'bunch of drop kicks' you will need to present your association as such, which you will struggle with if you continue to not proof read what you write and make as many spelling / grammatical errors. also, use the word 'branch' rather than chapter, you won't then come of as part of the 1% again, please don't take this the wrong way, but it is important if you ever want to be taken as seriously as you intend to be dio
  15. dionysus

    can't sleep

    try having a good stretch before sleep. stretch all major muscle groups. get as close to an aerobics class as you can be bothered with before bed lol. i used to sleep terribly, and start doing a series of stretches before i sleep, holding them static for a minute or so at least, loosening them back out and stretching again a little further. REALLY helps me fall asleep, having all my muscles relaxed and a bit tired, otherwise i just roll around like a moron. on the upside, i can now kick head height when i spa with a mate and am less achey in general might not be as drastic as taking a seroquil before bed or something but getting into a habbit of medicating for sleep isn't something you should want. i find the suggestion of cannabis a little counter productive, as a lot of people find it habbit forming, especialy if worked into a ritual like before bed, when you wake up, after meals etc. lucky you ruled that out anyway so i would try a combination of the non-chemical methods. perhaps a brief meditation, followed by a cold shower, followed by a good stretch good luck
  16. dionysus

    Amazonian's Show and Tell.

    oh i forgot people use grinders and things these days, darn my classically inclined lecturers. above advice also solid for larger stone carvings using larger grinding discs etc ive actualy been meaning to do a few of the funner / smaller things, thats what got me back into this thread, some inspiration also, in somewhat related news, i didn't attend a single class this year due to all this bullshit going on at my tafe, my course manager phoned me a week or 2 ago and asked what i had been up to throughout the year, i explained my bush party capers, evidenced the promotional and artistic work i had done and he credited me my outstanding units, i am now a diploma of vis arts guy, far better than the year 8 pass i had prior
  17. dionysus

    Amazonian's Show and Tell.

    ^ i made a chess set from 30cm high bronze pieces, the board is 1.5 metre square so the thing is massive and made from various timbers, shame i couldnt afford to have the last of the pieces poured and no one wants to commission it at the moment they are fun to make though. if i can russle up a camera i might photograph a few of the pieces a bit later, otherwise i only have a progress shot of the enitre (very unfinished) table in a gallery space. carving soap stone etc is okay, but please, wear a dusk mask. that is SUPER important. even more so if you carve hebel or something man made. and, if you're ever going to try a hard stone like granite or marble, dont use a regular chisel, it will snap and likely hit yo in the eye socket lol, buy heavy masons stone chisels, and be prepared to be super patient. marble carving is infuriating.
  18. dionysus

    Summertime freebies

    recieved mine today stoked! thanks heaps brother
  19. dionysus

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    put nice marbles in a few pots as a top dressing, noticed a snail has eaten one of my younger lophs and munched the top of 2 of my favourite trichs i normally don't like snail poison, as the after math is gross, but this is the first snail in this series of pots ever so i figure it won't hurt in this instance, one menacing snail is acceptable loss to me i guess where as piles of them isn't also got my first ever crest (mammilaria elongata, fancy, i know) and gave the rest of the kids a bit of a feed, it has been a few weeks. (don't call DHS on me too quickly, i refer to the cactuses as kids)
  20. dionysus

    P.Viridis & B.Caapi Melbourne growing conditions?

    i meant baby metaphorically, as in, plants i love as much as my own children (i say this childless, when i have real kids of my own my opinion may change ) all my plants are 'baby' plans, even some that are older than me lol> worth noting though is my p. alba and p. carth do relatively fine, slow down lots during the cold and maybe lose 1 or 2 older leaves, but healthy as compaired to p. viridis on a similar note, do iboga do okay in the melbourne climate, if protected? ive been a little hesitant to add one to my collection just in case. there is nice tabernaemontana in a front garden nearby my house, perhaps one of these will suit me more than iboga. (sorry for the thread hijack)
  21. dionysus

    P.Viridis & B.Caapi Melbourne growing conditions?

    i got a viridis off of you last summer PH, and although it died back a bit over winter, it has sprung back to life a bit, just under a coke bottle on a veranda. next winter i might try bringing it inside, see if that helps it keep a bit more foliage through the cold. one of us melbournites needs to win the lotto and construct a huge, heated greenhouse that we can all grow our tropicals in it really is depressing thinking which babies you may lose every winter. might be best not to try and grow them here, but can you blaim us?
  22. dionysus

    Question about eating slightly mouldy mushroom

    "blue honey" is okay as an idea, you roughly crush freshly dried shrooms, leave in honey for a week or so, strain the chunks out and consume a small amount of honey. honey doesn't spoil easily, doesn't let in oxygen and sort of fights pathogens and psilocybean alkaloids seem soluble. it is perfectly convenient to eat a slice or 2 of toast with a mildly earthy taste and aroma when consiering how rapidly a dried shroom will oxidise, and how bad they taste, or, so i hear.
  23. dionysus

    What would u label these trichs as?

    Hellonasty, as i believe, T. Santaensis would correctly fall under T. Peruvianus, but the name Santaensis is still accurate for some plants resulting from seed or plants first collected from an area in Peru, although im not entirely sure which region the name refers. how likely it is that this plant is a known 'Santaensis' cultivar I'm unsure, but the possibility it resulted from geneology of this area isn't so unlikely. dio