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  1. Skulking Lurker

    Pachanoi variant

    I have had this speciman for well over a decade with no problems. The black rot seen is only on a previously damaged tip, which has been removed from the rest and discarded. It is only in the picture for its tip structure. It does tend to 'fill out' like a sausage.
  2. Skulking Lurker

    Pachanoi variant

    This pachanoi is somewhat different to all the other pach variants I have. The differences include its colour, shape, spines, and growth. All parts are from the same plant. Does it resemble any particular named variation that anyone recognises?
  3. Skulking Lurker

    wanted: Euterpe oleracea

    Sounds like you are getting together a nice micro environment in your yard, bio. I've had troubles keeping T. cacao alive over the years, here in Perth. It depends how cold the winter gets. Finally I did get one growing very well, and it acclimatised somewhat over successive winters. About a metre tall, it was positioned in my front yard, until some lunatic ran over it in a car, at night. I'd love to source some more viable seed, or a plant to try again. I contacted Daley's a few months ago, but they said all their sprouts had failed this year.
  4. Skulking Lurker

    wanted: Euterpe oleracea

    Can I ask where you got the Theobroma cacao from ??? I am looking for either viable seed, or a sapling. Does anyone know where I can get these from ??? Thanks
  5. Skulking Lurker

    Hoodia gordonii seeds for sale on Ebay

    I tried to sell some Hoodia gordonii plants on chEatbay 6 months ago, and they came down on me like a ton of bricks!! I fucken hate the wanker ebay site. I was selling H. gordonii pups, and they scrubbed my listing for selling live things. I informed them they weren't DOG PUPS, they were plants. Then they claimed I was trying to sell endangered plants !!! I gave them no end of abusive replies. I hope they got the message, that I wasn't taking them from the flamin' wild, and that they were raised in my backyard in Australia. Since then I've completely boycotted the arseholes. Absolute bunch of idiots. I hate them all to death.
  6. Skulking Lurker

    Plant identification sought

    Hi, I don't know whether this'll be easy or hard, but can anyone tell me what this plant is? untitled.bmp
  7. Skulking Lurker


    Well, well, it's a small world. I think I know where the described cacti are. A couple of years ago, I went to buy a tractor from the guy, and noticed several enormous Trichs around the property. During negotiations for the tractor, I subtly referred to the specimens, without giving anything away, and the nonchalantly naive response indicated that he was blissfully unaware of their pedigree and heritage. It's quite obvious, that someone has subsequently informed him of such.
  8. Skulking Lurker

    Metroxylon sagu

    Thanks Rev, from the quick look I had at aqis, it doesn't appear to have any restrictions on import for quantities below commercial, but for something that is meant to be pretty common, it's bloody hard to find. Whether it be due to seasonal availability, or whatever, I can't seem to track any down.
  9. Skulking Lurker

    Metroxylon sagu

    Does anyone know where I'd be able to acquire several suckers from this species? Metroxylon sagu I'm sick to death of being told it is Cycas revoluta, which it is not.
  10. Skulking Lurker

    Adam & Eve.

    After being kicked out of heaven, Adam resorted to suicide bombing the cafe that god frequented. Because the explosives were strapped around his belly, forensics were unable to determine whether or not he had a belly button.
  11. Skulking Lurker

    Police Radar Detection

    Ahh, the joy to be in WA, where they are legal to operate. I've only been done twice in 15 years, and that was because the music was up too loud. New units pay for themselves within a month or two.
  12. Skulking Lurker

    Howards Workplace Reform

    I'm having trouble believing the level of comment that seems to be coming from every corner of society, and feverishly relayed by the media, considering that it is all speculation at this stage, because nothing of the subject has actually been released yet.
  13. Skulking Lurker

    hydrogen power

    There are a number of near-zero emission buses and taxis operating in Perth. Their power plant is a relatively normal internal combustion engine fueled by a gas delivery system not completely unlike an LPG system. The compression ratios are a little higher, and more H2 than other fuels is delivered into the engine, because liquified hydrogen has a very low specific energy(kW/L) to volume ratio, compared to petrol, and other fuels. The main problem with hydrogen as a fuel, is being able to carry enough of it around with you. Hydrogen is no more dangerous than any other flammable gas. It won't just explode for no reason, unless it is mixed with oxygen, just as LPG, acetylene, or for that matter, coal dust would. Producing hydrogen 'on board' by methods described , such as Sodium Borohydride, and electrolysis are not feasible, because of the quantities of hydrogen required to do anything. Electrolysis is in fact one of the worst means of separating the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, because of the vast electrical energy needed to produce anything worthwhile, due mainly to the fact that water doesn't ionise extensively, therefore its level of conductivity of electricity is very low indeed.
  14. Skulking Lurker

    MHRB - or similar?

  15. Skulking Lurker

    MHRB - or similar?

    http://www.MHRB.vic.gov.au/ I'm sure they'll have something to say on the subject......... Otherwise, get gardening. The sooner, the sooner.