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  1. jasemateau

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

  2. jasemateau

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    seems this strain has got some attention recently on FB. hmmmm wondering if anyone may have a connect for seeds Cheers
  3. i got hook worms Captain T (approx 135 adults) shall i send you some poo....... =) lol the have helped some with my crohn's, i have about 20% more energy, BUT i do have periods where if my iron intake is low i feel insanly flat, and i need vitamin b12 injections every 7-10 days.... stool movemnt is consistantly firm.... when the vendors send them to you now, on the article description they just put "allergy test" because they have had probelms with aussies geting thier worm ova...........
  4. jasemateau

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    hi again fiends i know its been along time, anyways.... i was looking for some information about cacti today, and i obviously searched for some known contacts and this thread came up!!!! sorry to have bumped this thread for some, however i have to say, i have no unwelcomed thoughts when i think of Gom, i had got some excellent plants from him in the past, and he was always upront with me, when i left brisabne i gave his son a silly mini motor bike, (you know thoses cheap shitty ones on ebay some 5-8 years ago) i gave this to Will's family coz i actually gave him back all the cacti i had bought from him, trusting i could get them back if i were to return in resonable time frame, well, i'm sstill not anywhere near australia, and i have absolutly no hard fellings, Will always offered a cup of coffee, in which i dont drink, and muttered some obscurities here and there in the process of making the coffee, i rememeber his garden very well, and refelction on this, i suppose the way his garden was illistrates how his mind was in some ways, crazy thoughts jutting out everywhere, but always a clear path to the result, (the plant requested), or perhaps the answer... although i can say i did not know him well, i dont mind the parts he shared with me, well maybe not all of them, but in general he was and always will be a straight forward guy to me, which leads me to the this....... when i do return to the Australia, i will certainly be looking for some of his plants, to get some of my once appreciated strains in my garden at home again............ especially his monstrose, =) peace and happy thoughts
  5. jasemateau

    stomach bug, no more

    hi my ol green thumbed friends i am embarking on this treatment for my peril, which i think i mange very well, just want to optimize my quality of life..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helminthic_therapy planing on going to madrid to get the treatment administered... will update you some more, but if anyone of you guys with a auto immune affliction, reseacrch it for your self, its farg'n amazing how much this makes sense.... will post some more information soon
  6. nah its just another plot to get more people into the government work force, they do want total control of our money and societies. 4 days a week while the rest of the nation that make the money to fund thier salaries work, 5,6,7 days a week, 50 plus hours a week...... just a piss in the face to the engine of the economy, and the national debt payers...... (non government workforce). it will just induce a mentality of lazyness, and more money for less productivity, this a seriously stupid move, and to white wash it with saving the planet is just a cop out. if the said council is determind to go green, buy a farn'g wind mill or 1000. my 2 cents
  7. jasemateau

    Why is America all fukt up?

    yeah funny innt! funny how the americans so patritotic about being do gooder's, and yet the polititions have know about the federal reserve for almost 100 years. i love Winston Churhills famous qoute you can always rely on the americans to do the right thing.... after all other avenues have been exhausted...............
  8. it does'nt erase your memory, it jusy knocks you out, just like falling asleep. i mean when you wake up you dunno hoq long you've slept until you look at the clock... it's not that bad, but this does not mean i agree that it's ok to use on the field, the post about the rape scenario is potentially very real. i actually enjoyed it the 2 times i have had it!!! but if anyone came near me on the street with a ringe i'd be yelling "i got alergies"!!! i got allergies!!!!
  9. my opinion still stand E is safer than alcohol. they wanna stop violence and alcohol binging. simple give society more options.
  10. jasemateau

    Flipping Out!

    this is a interesting subject!!! although i have never run into israeli's in india, i did meet a gril in thailand (who was with a group) indeed she was very rude, and arrogant. i was with a english mate and he was almost disgusted how rude she was, i mean yeah ok we sat accross from her, but we were only making general traverls chit chat..... anyways i saw the film on youtube and it seems to me that they are more like the current geneartion of the affictions vietman veterans experienced after retuning...... i'm certainly no expert on this subject but from where i see it, it seems some what likely and with them pissing of the locals about the money issues, mean i would be surprised if the locals were putting in some of the Kratom notorious for leaving people lost in somewhere inbetween........ sometime for years lost, not knowing who they are or where they are.. it may not be Kratom, i cant remember what its called, but there is somthing over there in india that can fuck you up... anyone remember?
  11. jasemateau

    Grafting Comp- Oct 2007

    well i hope your still making them when i get back to 'AU WT, coz i'll send ya a few hundy for something like this. i dunno how you would go t making a broze copy of my loph, its got plenty of pups, 30 something at last count that was 2 years ago!!!!
  12. jasemateau

    Grafting Comp- Oct 2007

    Arrrr WT i think probly the best way to find out how much you could get for em ( a unique piece to to set a base price to cover costs atleast) put one up for auction on ebay, you might be surprised how much you get for it, but you might have to put its in the cacti categry, so it gets seen by target shoppers. i'd pay prolly couple hundy for one, well a polished one and cured to keep the bronze look, but no need for an ornament at the moment ) i'm still not home to settle into a LIV'N again, i'm still traveling! what about a bronze bridgsii,pach and peruvian? is that possible? obviously without the spines!
  13. well if looks dont bother you (mean looking like a modern home) or perhaps re invent the term of modern housing, perhaps thown some soil on the roof and rgow grass or somthing you can control easly, should give good insulation from the roof. the wall's go greeen grab some mud and straw fill in the corrigations inside and out so the walls are straight, then cover them with gyprok (for the inside walls), then the ouside same but cover the filled in corrigations with somthin more durable to water and weather, that should be good insulation, i have really thought about his alot since the begining of the thread, the insulation was a huge biggy for me, coz i worked for an uncle in QLD who stored all of his building equiptment in a container, and i can tell you it was behind a house and the container was like walking into an oven, the steel just conducts the heat, dang it was hot in there it was like a instant perspire as soon as you step in, oh and the reduction of electricity demand. yer i kind of let the thought go after remembering the heat of the storage container, however i'm certain it can be overcome, i'm just focused on something else at the moment!
  14. jasemateau

    'Sell dope in post offices'

    well we have to give ID for even prescription meds, mull will be no different. im supposed to be ok get prescriptions for cannabis, but i dun want it, i know for certain in my industry, it's not acceptable, and i'm cool with that. it will take a long time, i think the best thing to do is get rid of or atleast lower the amount of alcohol consumed, we should have more options, i for one would be at the local post office to get a medical grade mdma pill, for a good nighr as oppose to dealing with drunk meat heads looking for a fight. the government wants the population to grow, but how can we feel the hugs when halve of the population of vice seekers are in a drunken rage?? if there is anyway to legalize a grade of mdma, the streets in the party areas will be a totaly different site...
  15. jasemateau

    Speeding drivers using licence plate switching device

    its kind of hilarious this subject. because even tho we in australia have a massive proplem with police just trying to meet qouta, handing out speeding fines for even being 2kmph over, although i do agree witht the fines for being over 15ks up in dense residential, and where you might find heavy pedestrian and children activity (50-60 zones) but formost the drivers doing under the limit in open freeways should be penalized for frustrating people who have long distances to cover. now i china most and mean most of the cameras are stationary, no surprise blue boy jump out of the bushes. the general population can NOT drive, its total chaos on the streets, and the cops are the in now place to enfoce the road rules as they forget them also, and by no means do i mean they can get away with it coz they are cops, they just dont know how to drive!!!!! try to imagine just one day in you driveing life where not 1 single person put on a indicator................... drives in the middle of 2 lanes......, now imagine 20 cars all doing the same thing on the smae road......... try to imagine a round about that has 3 or 4 lanes, but not one citizen knows how the use the outer lanes, meaning they cut accorss 2or 3 lanes before they get into the "motion lane" of the round about then cutting across another 2 lanes with out indicating your going in or out....................... i tell you some parts of china is nothing short of a nightmare to drive in........ so to have a device that flips you number plate is kind of ironic because not single person knows all the road rules, i'm sure you would be lucky to have half the rules of a road know by 100 people collectively......... it makes some sense in AU, becuase the reason for speeding fines is blatent robbery, in most circumstances. not to mention many other taxes. id be more interested in the colour saturation one of our female forum members was posting about some time ago...