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  1. I was in China and came across a fair bit of dog in the markets. Kinda confronting seeing a side of dog of a table , any way decided i had to try it and went to a restaurant that specialised in dog and mouse (go figure ?) got to the door read the menu but just couldn't go through with it. Maybe there were too many other options ? I have no problem with the idea but mentally i was repulsed and that was enough to put me off.
  2. 2b

    Phillip Adams talks Drugs Policy

    Thanks for that i missed it, both times.... to much work , to early to bed.
  3. 2b

    Salvia divinorum

    Thanks for sharing I actualy said they never produce viable seeb(spelling mistake and all) as far as i knowBut rest assured that in the future i will UTFSE beffore i post.
  4. 2b

    Salvia divinorum

    UTFSE hey ? WTF would i do that for...................
  5. I grow all mine in just plain old dirt from the vegi garden. Be caefull as a full west sun can cause sun burn. As for growing in raised beds it is only needed to be done if drainage is a problem. But yes put them in the ground they love being able to stretch out.
  6. 2b

    Salvia divinorum

    They never produce viable seeb as far as i know. The plant hates direct sunlight, but will grow like a weed if left alone in the right environment.
  7. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/07...?section=justin Carbon plan for Nullarbor limestone Posted 1 hour 59 minutes ago Updated 1 hour 55 minutes ago Nullarbor limestone ... scientists consider carbon trap (Bill Griffiths) Scientists are considering how limestone from the Nullarbor Plain might help trap carbon emissions. The chemical engineer leading the research, Tim Krueger, says mixing lime extract and seawater could double the volume of carbon the ocean absorbs. Mr Krueger say the researchers are carefully considering the likely effects of adding lime to the ocean. "If you wanted to do this successfully, you'd need to do it in a very controlled and measured way," he said. "So it involves adding the lime in a very dilute form across a wide area of the ocean. "So you wouldn't do it in one place, you'd do it in many places and you'd do it in a very, very dilute solution."
  8. 2b

    Looking for "real" ginger beer plant

    My mum used to make ginger beer when we were kids. She would start the plant with one saltana then once it got going it was divided up for each bottle. I also think she used powdered ginger.
  9. Recently the French have decided to go back to a 38 hour week instead of 35 as it has been. Sad that it hasn't worked. Can't think of the last time i worked a 38 hour week, but that is the price you pay when you have a financial intrest in the company you work for. My biggest working week happend when i was driving tractors during the harvest season, i signed on for and got paid for a 102 hour week !
  10. 2b

    Le tour

    I must admit that when Schleck took the yellow i was concerned as CSC are just so strong and Cadel doesn't have the team to survive in the Alps'. Let me say that Popovych has been a big dissapointment, i mean he was given big $$$$ to come across to Silence Lotto just so he could help Cadel in the mountains, and well he can't keep up ! So can Cadel beat Carlos Sastre ? The short awnser is a confident YES he beat him by one minute fifteen seconds (or there about ) in the last time trial and that was only over thirty or so kilometres this time trial on Saturday is fifty four from memory so over a greater distance Cadel should be at least two minutes better. Having said that there is the X factor to consider and that is when you where yellow you seem to be able to push yourself harder than ever. Menchov may be an outside chance and is worthy of alot of respect. Valverde should be doing better than he is, but he seems to be working with the Schlecks so we don't like him (even if he is Spanish). It's all going to come down to Saturdays' time trial and tour will be won or lost by seconds. It amazes me that after three weeks riding up and down huge mountains sprinting on the flat and two time trials and only a few seconds is the difference.
  11. 2b

    NASA Astronaut Claims Aliens Exist

    http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/stor...5001021,00.html The daily telegraph has also run with the story on their website but in an interesting spin on the story by providing footage of claimed Australian sightings. Make up your own mind. I'm with you on this one Ace.
  12. 2b

    Le tour

    Any one else watching 'le tour' ? I must admit that i'm a tragic when it comes to the tour, i'm so exhausted sitting up watching it then getting up to go to work.It really is hard work to watch the whole thing !! Anyway only a few more days to go and i can get some sleep.
  13. 2b

    Khat on the ABC

    Have to agree with you Yeti , i've chewed heaps and been pretty dissapointed in the results. To be honest i took to my plant with the hedge shears and cut it down to waist high last summer. I had a massive amout of leaf matter and after chewing as much of the choice tender new growth as i could i gave up and put it all in the compost bin. Maybe it's just one of those things that you have to work at to get results, but coffee is by far a more effective stimulant for me.
  14. 2b

    Richard Dawkins

    Can someone please explain the difference between "irreducible complexity" and "intellegent design" ?