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  1. Well lets see if i can my words to work at this time of night. I like to ride my bike mountain bike wonderfull smell wonderfull viues its so impressive round here allwasy makes me feal good sometimes, just ride up there and sit there all arvo and just look at nothing kinda nice helps me put shit back into perspective like theres you and nothing I find that helpfull for me to work shit out to. nothing but nothing no commy cars or people with mobile phones just me and nothing wonderfull helps me focus like I said so I gues in some weard way its like meditation helps me focus on shit and makes me feal better. A bit of adrelian never hurt yeah I think thats what the topic is referfing to well I hope so anyway. Other then that I hafto go with more music its allways there allways ready to crank up some NIN helps me understand some of the shit that gets tossed about my scone and have often been known to space out for a few hours wile the cd stacker goes off... that helps me keep upstars in tac a bit Like been out rideing but with out the visuals also stops me thikin about everthing that I don't need to be ahh yeah thats what i do if thats not in line with the topic just del the wast of bandwidth stuff pyrotek Do not adjust your mind, Reality is malfuncting [This message has been edited by pyrotek (edited 18 June 2002).]
  2. pyrotek

    Betel Nut palms for sale

    thanks , no propbs with shipping them? i prolly end up gettign 2x as soonas i get some $ sould be good i let you know when that happens
  3. pyrotek

    Betel Nut palms for sale

    any left torsten? what size aare they? may be intrested in 2 pyrotek
  4. pyrotek

    Turkish commercial from Toowoomba

    Smiling Cloud e-mail me @ [email protected]
  5. pyrotek

    Customs Act -- new additions?

    Torsten made teh same mistake as well thouses customs law's and b/s change that it's not funney if you want a uptodate and complete list theres a place online that you can pay (they love your money!) thema small fee and they will send you a book of paper with everthing in it, think they last for 3 nmonths ant got one since last year so by now that would be useless not shure if they will send over sea's or not but it's the only way to keep up with the laws for a bit pyro will see if he's got the link for that site not shure thoug after thy formatt could of lost it to pyro that was the only refence anything on the net was incomplete or old hope that helps pyro
  6. hey man i have some Phalaris Aquatica seeds if ay intrensted give me yell pyro
  7. umm the tress up here ant dead thogu they ant ring barked if that how i wore it i did not mean fuckin stip teh hoel tree jsut bits of of it pyro
  8. plaris grass contaisn 5meo-dmt still nice but's it not DMT umm there never a gratey it will come thogu customs they may hold it as it could be a precuser or reg import now i fuckin thign that wont' happen they can't smell bark well teh dmt in teh bark got for i say about 99% as been in sydney go to ay botincal gardes ask them and pick up soem brouers on natural OZ plants umm as for pickin bark for fallin tiwgs i dont' think is a good ider ohh were we go right teh main actives are in teh bottem bark stump bark and best if its alive tiws may contain shit leves of dmt if there say 15 + tree's jsut ring bark ONE after ay done one grow your own or sith it i dont' think the plant as a problem with ONE if there less then 5 trees leaf them alone let them grow as state fresh bark would be better i can recall readin soem were that it degrads actives teh longer its' dryed out dont' quote me on that jobbie as i have nothgin to back up hope that helps pyro
  9. umm fuck buyin it man go get a book of wattle and look for maddni and fuck go find one takeas wile but cost nothign c-ya pyro
  10. pyrotek

    sassafras tree

    umm that tree is uses to make some ilegal thothoug the free adn any part of it is NOT ilegal but u will have a hard time gettin it cos of teh ues and if ya do find it u could be watched c-ya
  11. pyrotek


    right there a a few brand that contain DCm they call it "methal corlied" )SP?) this is DCm right buy a small tin of it some wont' work to well right now empty thsi shit into a big arsed zip lock bag then make shure it no eat teh bag or use a sep funnel now add 1.5 to 2 times as much water as paint stripper now shake that fuck lkog and hard let sit for few days and reperat now u will have clear liquard at teh bottem of bag/sep fullen and jsut dain that off checkt eh rest dont' even fuckin try to distal thsi crap it's will fuck up the methond as i said is teh only way c-ya
  12. pyrotek


    Good point the reasion i think phrlis would be better is the fact it dose not take logn to grow and is eazer to harvist unlike bark or root bark from a wattle or what not there for more of the phrlis grass could be used to compsate for shit yelds enoug product may even yeld 1% witch would be heven is repsest of DMT 1% from any scorece been a lot The A/B extraction Or Acid/Base extraction can be learnt it only requres simple organic chem nothign sesorus nothign nobody can't lear if they take teh time to lear it c-ya
  13. pyrotek


    Dmt freebase or cristal has a lot boilign boint not that phlaris grass right no a simple solvent extracting wont'; work they dmt must be conveted to a freebase right Just do an A/B on it is eazey as pis shti u will need sodoum hydroxide to for DMT salt( coles supermarked under thsi name Diggers, caustic soda it will be in the drain cleaner section" Napth for defatting at camign stolers "aka colmen fuel" Hydrochlric Acid to get DMT from plant scorce "hard were store Uner name Diggers Hydochloric Acid" methallyl chloride or DCM " paint stripper in hard were shopes " water "i think u think you know were tog et this" umm as for lab were nope! all ya ga need is a 3 large fuckin jars with scre top lid "yes coffey jars work" Zip lock bag or sep funnel or impro sep dish or break fast bowl... umm i will write up moree on teh method later c-ya
  14. pyrotek

    Marijuana Seeds

    err provid a link for teh costoms act on teh net i have looked thanks c-ay
  15. pyrotek


    jsut use MMA there the best http://www.shaman-australis.com/shroom/ c-ay