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  1. insearchwhy

    advanced ethno plants

    hey mate can you still please email
  2. insearchwhy

    advanced ethno plants

    hey jono my pms dont seem to get through for whatever reason you didnt get the first and the third it looks like can you email me at: [email protected] damian can you email me too mate ive been back now for close to 3 months tried to pm you to but it dosent work
  3. insearchwhy

    cocao bean porridge

    apothcary your right bad link i shouldnt of done a quick copy and paste very wishywashy info after going back to my cacao research files. shruman there is definately seems to be small amounts of Anandamide in cocoa and phenylethylamine plus your more than right that cacao triggers serotonin and dopamine sorry for the confusion. the Tryptophan content is what would be attributed to the serotonin and the Phenylethylamine releases dopamine. and so it goes but the point is its any amazing source of nutrition
  4. insearchwhy

    cocao bean porridge

    hey i reckon that that the strong stimulation and great feeling comes from some of the things contained in cacoa here is a list of some things. it is a potent source of serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine A List of Healthy Substances Found in Raw Chocolate (Theobroma Cacao) Many of the natural chemical compounds in raw cocoa or cacao beans and in organic dark chocolate have been discussed in scientific literature as being pharmacologically significant to health. Here is a partial list of these active substances in natural organic chocolate Anandamide (a neurotransmitter known as "the bliss chemical") Arginine (nature's aphrodisiac) Dopamine (a neurotransmitter) Epicatechins (antioxidants) Magnesium (for healthy heart function) Serotonin (anti-stress neurotransmitter) Tryptophan (anti-depressant amino acid) Phenylethylamine (PEA) (controls the ability to focus attention and stay alert) Polyphenols (antioxidants) Histamine Tyramine Salsolinol taken from http://www.astrologyzine.com/healthy-chocolate.shtml
  5. insearchwhy

    cocao bean porridge

    I just thought id add for those who dont know cacao beans have amazing nutritional value to them very amazing to say the least i eat organic cocao beans daily along with powdered spirulina and chorella and feel on top of the world daily really on top of the world it brings my mind and body in beautiful balance. heres a link to the nutritional information of cacao beans http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00001-01c21QG.html enjoy
  6. insearchwhy

    chacruna frost damage

    thanks for all your help guys love your work planthelper your exactly right the water was cut off quite dramatically a month before the event and the expressing of love and interactions with the plants was also cut back quite dramatically aswell. I highly value your knowledge here thankyou it was spot on this was the initial feeling when it happened i sat with the plants for a long while and this was it they taught a great lesson in their needs and how to forfill them. Theres still life in the leaves hasnt got a dead leaf energy to them at all. 2 coffee plants in the same greenhouse had gotten browning on the tops but as you said leaves are very intact with the rest of the plant. Tripitaka ill send you a pm after this would love some of your precious incense up to my last stick of palo santo until i head off overseas so beautiful timing. Some of those palo santo pecieces were amazing i had one that was just filled with amazing intricate patterns of that beautiful brown essential oil but most were great anyway! lots of love to you all and thanks for your help
  7. insearchwhy

    chacruna frost damage

    A foaf has 2 large viridis trees in a greenhouse in his garden one night when it was the coldest its been there for a long while and the silly guy left a window of his greenhouse open the plants got very damaged by the frost. All the leaves went brown the plants are still well alive and have a strong resiliant spirit after a few shakes on the trees about 80% of the leaves fell off which is quite alot. Now my foaf wants to gain any help from you guys onto whether you think they would still be active he has heard that stressed plants create more alkaloids but does not know if over stressed plants lose it. He brews and with his limited caapi left until he goes overseas he does not want to waste a brew. His interaction with the plant spirits are not reaveling anything about activity just lessons on growing in this climate so he thought this would be a wonderful help. so thanks for your help and take care everyone.
  8. insearchwhy


    hello well this strain is one that i am after to it defanately seems like the strain of viridis most loved by the shamans i have been dreaming of interactions with it for awhile. A foaf tryed to import with no luck will try again later but the only way i can maybe help is give you this link http://www.shamanspalace.com/product_info.php?products_id=67 if you know a way to import from america that is! hope it helps wishing you lots of luck on your endevours let me know how you go
  9. insearchwhy

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    thankyou ointment wwww gets 4 palo santo sticks, 50 grams of cats claw bark, salvia apiana seeds and datura metel V.chlorantha seeds wwww
  10. insearchwhy

    metafiction for philosphy

    hey well if you want an introduction to philosophy right into the real good stuff i reckomend ALAN WATTS hes my favourite philosopher. I like many though have read many philosophers ideas and view in my own questioning that have reinterated and put into words that in which i felt but did not know how to express. You stated a book on zen well Alan Watts is practically a zen master in hes talks he incorporates zen and many other types of buddhist and hindu ways. Anyway if you want type in google ' alan watts out of your mind torrent' or ' alan watts zen clues torrent' youll get some great lectures conversations on there about reality and the nature of mind, universe well philosophy about the good stuff. audio format is always very encouraging when introducing oneself to philosophy. Oh yeah you will need a bit torrent to download them if you dont have type in google' download bit torrent' and go from there. Anymore questions pm me Anyway just thought i would share hope it helped take care mate
  11. hello everyone well ive find myself acaia obtusifolia lots of it, its around 3 hours drive from were i live. I wanted to harvest this plant but i wouldnt know how to without damaging and i couldnt damage it, I and they wont let that happen. So i was wondering if you botanical philosophers would be able to teach me a way to sustainably harvest this species. My intuition says after strong winds then the acacia would be giving parts of itself for me to use for my own small personal use ofcourse in zimbabwee this use will be done. Anyway any of your tips and suggestions would be appreciated i value your time and effort in helping thankyou take care everyone
  12. insearchwhy

    Shaman At Fairfield Markets...

    hey izdreams i was at fairfield markets today and couldnt find anything of the like maybe i wasnt looking hard enough. Could you tell me were its location would be a description of its wereabouts would be nice thanks mate
  13. insearchwhy

    loph on stock plant

    im pretty sure revs site www.funkyfungus.org will be selling them in december! youll have to ask the boss but! if you go down the bottom of the page when you first go to the website it will have next to Upcoming products that in which you desire hope it pans out for you enjoy my friend