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  1. I'm a huge fan of purple seedlings! I've got a theory about them. I'd love to have some of your input on this. So to the best of my understanding the color purple in cactus are caused by betalains. Betalains are aromatic indole derivatives synthesized from tyrosine. Tyrosine is synthesized from phenylalanine. 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine (Mescaline) is biosynthesized from tyrosine or a hydroxylated phenylalanine. Thank you wiki. ;) So a cactus that is purple is showing an abundance of tyrosine ;) ;) at the least. Right??? Meangreen, anthocyanins are unrelated to betalains, but I'd still be interested to see if magnesium treatments would affect the betalain content.
  2. Thanks DualWeildRake! The leaves fell off on their own, the soil they're in is too sandy and is tough to keep them properly hydrated in it. The peres was also small and thin but I was trying to graft as much up as as possible. Thank you again EG! Everyone who grew these seeds was a winner!
  3. Awesome job to DualWieldRake and all the other winners! Scop grafts... And more yet to do... HuariMayo grafts and more seedlings.. Thanks for the opportunity to grow these EvilGenius!
  4. Ethnotramp

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    It's been an honor to grow these! It's still a fair way off to see the true potential though..
  5. 'd love to take part in this! I already have some of your santaensis growing on grafts and have been really wanting to do more of them and the book..... this sounds to good to be true! Quote Edit
  6. Ethnotramp

    New Seed Giveaway Grafting Competition

    I'd love to take part in this! I already have some of your santaensis growing on grafts and have been really wanting to do more of them and the book..... this sounds to good to be true!
  7. Ethnotramp

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    I'd like some seed too..
  8. Ethnotramp

    Elephant seeds to giveaway !!!

    Sounds very interesting... Got any pics?
  9. Ethnotramp

    T. Peruvianus? (Cactus mail)

    It's a beautiful Trichocereus, but you may want to edit your name and address out of those photos.
  10. Ethnotramp

    Piriformaspora indica

    Sorry, I should've clarified that I am stateside. I just thought maybe there would be a better source someone on here knew of. Being that it is of desert origin and that Australia places so much emphasis on agricultural technology I thought that it may be more common there or that someone from these forums from anywhere might have any experience with it. I would like to be able to justify the cost.
  11. Ethnotramp

    Piriformaspora indica

    Just curious as to whether anyone out there has any experience with this fungus? It is easily grown on various substrates (YM, PDA, PDY) and forms mutualistic symbiotic relationships with a wide variety of plants. It is reported to increase disease resistance, salt tolerance, drought tolerance, and phosphorus uptake. It cant help but feel this could be of interest to a lot of people here, but have seen no mention of it? I have found cultures for sale only at ATCC.org for $354.00 US for an ampoule. I want to get my hands on a culture, but at that price I'll be wanting for quite a while. If this fungus is as great as they claim, I would love to see this shared around with members of this great site and benefit all our growing endeavors. Tricho growers unite!
  12. Ethnotramp

    POD 2, 2016 Giveaway, Trichocereus seeds

    Thanks Olive, Getting some peres ready!
  13. Ethnotramp

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    There once was an old stoner, so poor his dog was a loaner, he pleaded his need, for a little seed, in hopes of a bridgesii boner.