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  1. 'infographics' ey? soil is a huge subject i have to delve into yet... thanks for that one!
  2. But it could be any meme re: sustainable The goal would be quick learning...
  3. its IN the big one but still a really nice one....
  4. of course i picked the most complicated of memes to start with, here is a more simpler one. Apples :-)
  5. I have gained most of my gardening knowledge via trial and error and catchy memes. I would love to have my own library of intense catagory based information all to do with gardening (and many other subjects) but just dont have the money or the time. Hence the desire for memes, a quick and easy look to learn something new that you will never forget! To start it off...
  6. The_Lopt

    Lets start for real.

    Hi there, I have been on my spiritual path for a couple of years, coming to some very nice places through didge playing and meditation. At the same time i have been turning my thumb from brown to green and am getting pretty confident outside with a pretty wide variety of successfully grown plants, some completely out of their zones (like an avacado from seed in tasmania) I would love to request of all those people that are available to donate some seeds my way. I am 'struggling' with finances as i am sure most of us are and i am finding it hard to get a hold of 'interesting' seed. I am really wanting to employ (primarily) a wide range of aromatherapy as well as entheogenic tastes and scents. I am also trying to give up tobacco, so some basics like skullcap and catnip would never go astray. Basically i am open to anything and everything. And am of course indebted to you for even considering this. Pm me as this is going to be my first post and i am still 'learning the ropes' here at The Corroboree Thank you all in advance for even reading this. Lopt_out
  7. The_Lopt

    Some seed to giveaway

    I would love any you can send my way, especially when the 2 new ones finish seeding Thank you. Pm'ing you now