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  1. Senna

    Catha edulis

    Would like to purchase seeds or cuttings(?) of catha edulis please. Shipped to Los Angeles California if at all possible. Thanks
  2. Senna

    Catha edulis

    Not even sure why you would respond to my post like that, honestly. You act like my money ain't green.. But I guess I should "contribute" more then before I'm allowed to ask for anything
  3. Senna

    Catha edulis

    So your saying I should give stuff away before I can legitimately trade stuff? For or the record I've made enough transactions through good people here. They're just reluctant to post publicly I guess. Thanks though
  4. Senna

    Catha edulis

    sooooo, yeah.. That's what I'm looking for.. It ain't easy finding it in the states. Please pm me an help a brotha out ✌️
  5. Senna


    Southern California
  6. Senna


    Hey, guys. So Im back back again, this time I'm trying to find a scopulicola cutting to grow out. At the moment I have an unknown, but very pretty, bridgesii hybrid Im willing to trade, two different cuzos, bridgesii penis cactus clones a and or b and apparently a "k242 long spine" that I purchased off an auction site. Im willing to purchase a cutting if need be but also wouldn't say no to a crappy log donation either ;) Thanks for reading it
  7. Hey, whats up, everybody! So there's some pretty specific seeds I'm after this year and I figured this would be the perfect place to ask! Now I know now this may be a lot to ask in one place, so I don't expect to find everything I need, but I know a lot of you have an impressive collection of rare plants. So, the seeds I'm interested in purchasing so far are as follows Russian leuzea Ajuga (interested in various kinds) Mad dog skullcap Wood betony Ashwagandha Serratula coronata Cyanosis longiflora Cyanosis vaga Cyanosis arachnoidea Sesuvium portulacastrum Llex paraguaiensis If you have any of these seeds (or all of them) please contact me. Thanks, guys
  8. What up, guys. Looking to buy some Australian genetics here in Southern California. interested in psycho0, yowie, super Pedro, rosei, icaros dna and anthing else good I might not know about. Looking for whatever I can find. Please pm me, all seed and cutting offers welcomed
  9. Senna

    Spores to California

    Oh,Thank you for the heads up. yes I would like them for research purposes only, please. I have morels and blue oysters, but I would like cubes as well if possible. Thanks.
  10. Senna

    Spores to California

    Anybody within the U.S. Or Canada willing to ship to California? please msg me. Interested in prints and or syringes.
  11. Senna

    Psychotria Viridis & b caapi

    Whats good, good people!? I'm a new person guy here, and I want to grow some caapi and viridis down here in SoCal! I like these plants. they... look cool. preferably I'd like to get it from someone down here in the states, possibly?? Mainly because I'm fudgin broke like m errbody else, and idk, idk how much overseas prices are. Pm me please, could possibly cactus too. Thanks yall