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  1. Tayoooooo

    Prints for microscopy

    Any prints still available?
  2. Tayoooooo

    looking for a farm/teacher

    Hi all, I am currently making my way around Oz and am looking for an ethnobotany minded farm where I might do a work/knowledge exchange. I am level headed and honest with an appetite to learn new ideas, horticulture methods and anything in between. My partner an I are in Vic at the moment but planning on heading west past Adelaide and on toward WA at the end of the month with the only time constraint being arriving in Perth by september. Any leads, tips or directions pointed in would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, T.
  3. I have some pereskiopsis that need a home. I can post them but would prefer a pick up or drop off. It might be a long shot but I'm looking for piece of Myrtillo Fukurokuryuzinboku as well. Trading pere for this is a bit lame but happy to part with some cash.
  4. Tayoooooo

    Ant damage

    Hey all, I've very recently moved one of my fresh loph seedlings outside to catch the last of the warmer weather. They have been sitting on a window sill for the past few months. The other day I checked on them and noticed a bunch of ants have been chewing holes in one of them. Has anyone had this problem? And how do you stop the little psychonauts from having a feast? I've moved them back to the window sill but am wondering if the damage done will prove fatal, should I try and salvage the plant by grafting?
  5. Tayoooooo

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Can also throw in a fresh L.W 'texana' graft if you can wait a few wks
  6. Tayoooooo

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Yes I'll take that thanks doublebenno. And offer a some ephedra seed, some papaver somniferum seed, a seedling of my gotu cola plant and a some mixed chilli seed.
  7. Tayoooooo

    Loph pollen wanted

    Ah awesome, learning things everyday thanks Brendo
  8. Tayoooooo

    Loph pollen wanted

    Wondering if anyone has any loph pollen stashed away? I have a lonely plant that's just setting its second ever flower. I have a few bits and bobs I can trade with.
  9. Tayoooooo

    Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku'

    Deadstar do you know if there is any seed available in oz or able to be sent to oz? I'd love to get one growing
  10. Tayoooooo

    sorted. thanks guys n gals.

    I can offer $53 for loph 3
  11. Tayoooooo

    sorted. thanks guys n gals.

    Any chance you'd consider breaking the willy bundle up wert?
  12. Tayoooooo

    wanted chilli seeds or plants

    I have some seeds labeled 'black peal chilli' from my mum collected last year so should be viable. And two mystery chilli plants from a housemates brother if you're keen? I haven't grown the black pearl yet but the fruit looked like a small dark cherry. Pm me if you'd like to try them out.
  13. Tayoooooo

    FINISHED Free seed. aus

    Got them the other day, thank you mate!!
  14. Tayoooooo

    My first giveaway.... A Kava Plant

    Dancing by myself in the kitchen! Number 48 please mountaingoat.
  15. Tayoooooo

    Free tricho seedlings for a new(ish) member

    I definitely need some new designs Kierbob I'm getting tired of my shitty swan.