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  1. Gimli

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    One of 3 Acacia obtusifolia I have growing, courtesy of @Glaukus, legend! Duboisia hopwoodii, from a local fella. No fruits have set, likely not the right type of pollinators around these parts and/or not self-fertile. Tried pollinating with a paint brush but also no joy. For now I'll let it grow and harvest it in the future to make quids. Ps I need to weed the garden, no need to remind me
  2. Spotted a drone atop my 'Cliff' Drones are male bees whose only role is to mate with an unfertilized queen. They have bigger eyes which meet in the middle, are larger than worker bees and do not have a stinger
  3. One of the new colonies was split, leaving one half to rear a new queen Split was done 5/9/19 9/9/19 - a emergency cell is built around an egg 12/9/19 - queen cell is capped off 20/9/19 - queen has emerged and begun to kill all the other queens so she is the one and only In a few days she will take her nuptial flight to mate with multiple drones before beginning her laying life
  4. This was the inside of one new colony. Burr comb that was full of gold. Removed it and gave it to one of the guys at work. Tasty work removing it!
  5. New colonies delivered. Absolutely overflowing with bees, ready to be split or chuck a honey super on I split one and put a super on the other
  6. Recently picked up a Flow Hive. One of the original models. The box and roof have been painted but it was never used (frames are brand new, made in Australia!). Been wanting to play with one of these for a while so pulled the trigger. Such a great design (by Australian father-son Stuart and Cedar Anderson) People say that the plastic is bad for the quality of the bees and the honey but most commercial beekeepers use plastic foundation a 200g block of beeswax from old frames and burr comb. Some of this will be used to wax the flow frames, to help the bees take to the frames a bit quicker
  7. As we rolled into spring, some new woodware was purchased for the purpose of expanding the original hive and housing 2 new colonies Setting up 2 new hives. They are level side to side but lengthways the entrance is lower. This is to help any moisture which builds up just trickle out the front. It also helps the bees clean up a little easier
  8. When the brood box was setup, frames with only wire were used. Bees in a brood box generally do a worse job of drawing comb than the bees upstairs in honey super(s) but this was quite bad, consisting of messy crosscomb in all directions These were the worst 3 and they plus a fourth were straight up removed and 4 new frames placed The queen now has 8 nice, solid frames on which to lay
  9. As some of you may know, I got into beekeeping a little over a year ago and I have learnt much in that time. Making this thread for anyone interested in seeing inside a hive I started with a swarm (below) which I caught with the help of an acquaintance. The bees simply marched into the nucleus box from their temporary residence on some blokes lawn About 3 months later I got it home and perched it under my Eucalyptus torquata (Coral Gum, from the Goldfields region of WA) for a bit of arvo shade The brood box needed a bit of work unfortunately...
  10. Gimli

    Visitation by birds

    Sitting in the garden earlier today under my lemon tree, working out how I'm going to keep my bees this year, when a New Holland Honeyeater was rustling in the tree above with a bee in its beak! Gulp, gone!
  11. Will you be attending this? I've got my flights sorted and I believe I'm heading up with either @El Presidente Hillbillios or @Glaukus (I'll let them fight it out)
  12. Gimli

    Loph seeds?

    The bloke who runs it is a bit of a wanker though
  13. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    Not required but I do encourage people to share
  14. Gimli

    Bursera graveolens anyone?

    I've been looking for years and I will do naughty things to acquire this for essential oil production in Australia