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    Horticultural science with a focus in medicinal plants, biochemistry, research, development, genetics and breeding. I also have a huge interest in the development of psychedelic plants, their history, and the collection of them. Im a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire book series,

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  1. BillyThKid

    Sacred Succulents Order

    Im perfectly willing to not have to use paypal, but my thing is i wish they would put pictures of at least some of their cacti for sale up. it would give us all a better idea of what we are buying. 2$ for a catalog is kinda silly especially when its hard to order from them and pay to start with. so who are these Ed and Betty gay collectors who spreading genetics around?
  2. BillyThKid

    Sacred Succulents Order

    Im perfectly willing to not have to use paypal, but my thing is i wish they would put pictures of at least some of their cacti for sale up. it would give us all a better idea of what we are buying. 2$ for a catalog is kinda silly especially when its hard to order from them and pay to start with. so who are these Ed and Betty gay collectors who spreading genetics around?
  3. BillyThKid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    The way i have the main heads set up because they had so much vascular tissue i think i have at least 3 points of contact on the ,main heads to the root stocks. With the main heads having such large vascular tissue you would think it would be impossible to not have it fuse. Today i did more garden stuff. im gathering recycled plastic containers of my families trast to be used for seedling trays for the remaining 200 or so seeds i need to plant of my trichocereus hybrids. I may also be getting other seeds soon from a friend so i need these other containers. Might be getting an IR light heat mat for extra root development and higher germination rates.
  4. BillyThKid

    Nursery greenhouse San Pedro?

    Looks like your basic american PC pachanot to me aka San pedro. This is the most common seen at least in america, The way i learned it is its some kind of hybrid or isolated clone which is more cold tolerant than "normal" san pedro hoever so far as we know this clone species was developed for landscaping or something of that nature, but the cactus is not found in the wild and such which is why we assume it is a hybrid of some sort. someone correct me if im wrong.
  5. Shoot, i just personally started my journey into Micro propagating and it has been a lot of reading so far and looking at pictures. I think someone young like myself who still has hopefully 50 more years at least of working in the cactus field this would be yet another project along with all the others. If im already growing ariocarpus, aztekium, and many other slow growers from seed than i might as well use the time im weighting on them to becomes adults to work on other projects/ Just because it is hard or will take a long time does not mean we should not try. Hell when most of us first started growing cacti and found out it took a couple years for them to even look much like cacti when grown from seeds. Now the germination time from seed to a foot tall does not seem like a lot of time to most of you, still a lot to me, so if i have the space and know how micro propagation, Chimeras, and whatever other experiments i will do if i can
  6. BillyThKid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I took at least 10 other pictures i would upload but i figured this was enough. I left the ritteri on the root stock for this long in hopes of a flowering but i aw none so this year is graft and recovery year. Does anyone have experience with upside down grafts? I only know of one person personally who had one and it pups like a monster/
  7. BillyThKid

    Sacred Succulents Order

    Oh thats cool. They nemed the clone after the area it grew it, cant wat to see what all these cluster fucking seeds end up like. I really want to order the catalog for sacred succulents it is just a pain in the ass for me to have to pay to see their products. But alsi a good wall to keep hister out.
  8. BillyThKid

    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    So cool to know its rather easy to graft ariocarpus areoles, as 'easy' as any other grafting areoles. I dont have enough specimens to attempt such experiments at them moment Here is an update picture of my ariocarpus retusus Subspecies confusus scion grafted to pereskiosis. The one tubrical with the areole hair tuft is pretty new but there is another areole and tubrical forming below it and to the left. The whole scion is swelling nice and growing much faster than its brothers and sisters which are on their own root,.
  9. BillyThKid

    Monstrose Cactus

    To my knowledge a true test of a monstrose form is for it to produce pups or be able to take cuttings and produce clones that have a similar mutation a lot of the time, such as now, cacti grow weird because of some environmental factor or damage.
  10. BillyThKid

    Sacred Succulents Order

    I recently got seeds from Sacred succulent on a trade with a member on SAB who had ordered them and i had lots of crosses. 1 - Trichocereus huanucoensis X Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’ 2 - Trichocereus huanucoensis X Trichocereus peruvianus/ ‘Juul’s Giant’ hybrid 3 - Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’ X Trichocereus sp. SS02 4 - Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Serra Blue’ X Trichocereus huanucoensis 5 - Trichocereus sp. ‘Luther Burbank’ X Trichocereus sp. SS02 6 - Trichocereus sp. SS01 X Trichocereus pachanoi 7 - Trichocereus sp. SS02 X Trichocereus huanucoensis 8 - Trichocereus sp. SS02 X Trichocereus peruvianus/ ‘Juul’s Giant’ hybrid 9 - Trichocereus sp. SS02 X Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Serra Blue 10 - Trichocereus sp. SS02 X Trichocereus sp. ‘Luther Burbank’ 11 - Trichocereus sp. SS02 X Trichocereus sp. SS01 12 - Trichocereus pachanoi f. monstrosus X Trichocereus sp. ‘SS02’ 13 - Trichocereus sp. ‘Juul’s Giant’ X Trichocereus sp. SS02 14 - Trichocereus sp. Validus X Trichocereus sp. 'Lumberjack' I have no experience with any of these clones much less their hybrids except for 4 months of having an ss02 cutting so far. The one that interests me the most in your and my stock is the 'Serra blue' trichocereus. Anyone know what it is?
  11. BillyThKid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    A friend of mine finally sent me some grafting stock to get my aztekium ritteri grafted onto new stock. The old root stock was on its last leg. I had some of the root stock already but i needed to move pups to be able to cut the main head right. ONe of the pups grafted onto a myrtillocactus geometrizans. nice little twin In this one it is the underside of that pup, you can see almost a number 8 looking water core on it. i think the upper lobe is for the one pup and the larger lower lobe is for the other one. With that in mind i layed the scion on the root stock so that both areas of vascular tissue met with the ring of the root stock. I hopt they take at both points, if not i hope that at least one takes and feeds them both This is the aztekium head upside down showing where i cut off the old root stock and then spent an hour shaving it down without hurting the aztekium. The old root wstock had warped and twisted and hardened and just been a pain to remove. This is the last picture of it whole. I basically cut the aztekium head in half and this is what i saw. the bright color is always stunning and i see it in every aztekium ritteri i have seen cut open thus far. i love all the vascular tissue steming from the water core to the skin for the pups. There were over 36 smaller pups on the main head so it was impossible not to cut though some like this. 5 grafts in total. 3 large pups, the main head and the base which had the old root stock attacked to it which i grafted upside down to make a pup factory.
  12. BillyThKid

    Mimosa hostilis

    I have MImosa Hostilis and they close up like that from what i have seen. I know many acacia and mims have thorns but if this plant has thorns i would say it is MH. I have always known all my mimoa hostilis to close up like this at night time and if it rains or is a little nippy I tried to add pictures of my mimosas but apparently they are too pic so i have to change their file size.
  13. BillyThKid

    petunia violacea/Shanin

    Wrote this once and the page lost it ugg. Anyway this thread is about Shanin which i believe refers to the species petunia violacea which is a common ancestor of most common hybrid petunias. Though i am not talking about the hybrids. This species is thought to be a mild psychedelic causing feelings of flight or something along those lines. i read one or two of the old threads on here from 2004 about it but they have very few replies and all old information. I think i remember reading somewhere the chemical or whatever in the true Shanin plant is similar to what is in Salvia D. but no Identifiable alkaloids i know of have been found in petunias. I have done a bit of research but no luck. i got Shanin seeds from a trusted friend in texas several months back and being the nice person i am i shared them with a friend so she could grow them. she lived close so i could come see them. She planted hers indoors before i did mine and got a flower first. And here is how it looks. I have read that younger plants can still change flower color when they get bigger but to me this looks like all the pictures i see of shanin online. such as this ANyone know anything else about shanin or petunias?
  14. BillyThKid

    Ariocarpus appreciation thread.

    I have only ever heard of tales of people grafting the areoles of ariocarpus. Sometimes i hear it works and then sometimes i hear it never works. I think it depends on the species, root stock and so much more that makes it hard. Grafting a wholoe specimen is hard sometimes especially when cutting away rot so many times all you have left is the areoles anyway. So sorry about your girls, ariocarpus can notmally handle everything except too much water
  15. BillyThKid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I know that would be really cool if that is what poco is. Thats why i posted here thinking maybe someone knew. think i need to post it in one of those ID threads?