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  1. solaritea

    MSS Signing Off

    He downloaded them.
  2. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    I think this ones distinct from my others. Came from the private collection of a nursery manager in Fremont, CA. It's slower growing and tends to terminate.
  3. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    A crest from a small market in Santiago, Chile. (Attachment size limits have changed - yay!)
  4. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    Sacred Succulent's Clone A. I think this is the same as CCC's "peruvianus". And sorry, I know you wanted columns but crests are what I've got available at the moment.
  5. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    A monstrose form from US eBay seller Jessica, described by a member here as being Heavy As Loving Fuck. Came to me from Southern California, not too far from CCC but looking at the old growth I think it might be a different form. Time will tell. Just started cresting this season.
  6. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    And California Cactus Center's (CCC) T. peruvianus (which became T. peruvianus short spine as discussed on page 1.) This ones as tall as me. The crest is just a few years old.
  7. solaritea

    the 'TPM' thread

    Sacred Succulent's Clone B
  8. solaritea

    Beautiful new Trichos

    I'm sure I didn't switch the labels because I photo'd the first before I unwrapped the second.
  9. solaritea

    Beautiful new Trichos

    I purchased a couple cuttings recently that I'm really happy with. Really beautiful and unique plants. One labeled as Trichocereus peruvianus huanucoensis And one labeled as Trichocereus peruvianus x Trichocereus macrogonus hybrid
  10. solaritea

    Show your tattoos!

    My wife got this one about a year ago.
  11. solaritea

    Strange colour seedlings

    Lil scop variegate.
  12. solaritea


    Can I just post some links? I've been trying to document some time-lapse growth lately also. http://www.sanpedrocactuses.com/blog/2015/2/22/re-potting-weekend http://www.sanpedrocactuses.com/blog/2015/6/19/growth
  13. Welcome aboard WerderBurger! It's about time!
  14. solaritea

    EG´s 2015 Foto Thread

    Don't get any fingerprints on those seed pots!
  15. Thanks for sharing Berengar! I've seen my seeds producing a lot of variegates but haven't seen many get to that size yet. Most of my variegated seedlings died from casual care.