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  1. withdrawl clinic


    i must admit, that i don't like this world we are living in, because it's all about click and click... 37 clicks the person is doing, just to sell me a single burger, crazy! when it comes to setting up something this days, i need to have written it down, step by step, as i'm too old to learn new tricks. often the tech people at the shops stuff up as well, it took me 3 weeks to get a noise reducing head set going with my tv, only one young man knew how to do it. anyway, it's a panasonic luminex digital camera, small tripod i got, thank you ton! edit: i used to work old cameras pretty well, and have taken astro shots and night fire twurling shots..
  2. withdrawl clinic


    this days many nature films one sees on tv, show some time laps night sky (the one were stars turn into semi circles). i wonder if not most digi cams can do this, nowadays... if any of you know how, pls post some hints.
  3. withdrawl clinic


    yep, hobby astronomer since 52 years. my tips for today, google international meteors org, and check when shooting star showers are on. learn how to find omega centauri (this naked to the eye star cluster is located close to the southern cross, easy) best astro evens i wittnessed, leonid maximum (10 000 bright shooting stars per hour!!) comet hayutake, transit of venus....
  4. withdrawl clinic

    Predict the future

    i though similar for years now, maybe we should give some classifications, like your covid 19 predictions, your life on mars, and so on... covid - 19 no effective vaccinations will be found, chances of you dying from it will increase, by the factor how often you will get it (reverse tolerance). life on mars yes will be proven in my lifetime, but some people will claim, we brought it there, via space travel. return to carbon low emission transport and energy yes, move goods on water ways/canals, instead of roads.
  5. yeah, the "wanting to be spoon fed", is a common thing, for a while here at sab, it was fashion to say, use the search engine first. which is, something one doesn't think off, when excited to post an idea. there are always opposing forces at hand, for example the opposite energy of, "use the search engine first", is a slow forum with not many new post's, than suddenly people are willing to go over things, which have been discussed many times. there is a lot of dmt stuff, even here at sab, but they are very old posts. most forums we debated dmt, have ceased to excist, sorry to say.
  6. withdrawl clinic

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    as you say, a pain to take off (very slow as well)... i will not go into what might be better, different methods for different people. but to create, a humidity tent with the same material, one uses for securing the graft is, nice!
  7. withdrawl clinic

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    no, but thank you! i have done, many grafts, but stopped many years ago doing so, because i stopped trading plants! can't wait for your para film tek, though!!
  8. withdrawl clinic

    Narrow leaf catha

    the mixed variants are, though etreeeemly rare, hehehe. the nl, is plentyfull, but only in oz!!
  9. i hope you find somebody, moderating is not for the faint hearted, even if you try your best, you will sooner or later get attact. and regarding doogy vendors, what's it called i guess e bay, where people use my old nickname to sell shit. they stole my good reputation, and fucked it up, rant over.... yes, so moderating is not an easy job, but i might give you a few tips in this thread, once they crossed my mind. a good mod, never takes action, right away, unless the circumstanced need according action... give yourself time, to think it over, and give every party involved the same recognition... word everything, so you get your point thru without offending....
  10. withdrawl clinic

    Grafting as a coping mechanism GIVEAWAY!

    nice one! may i suggest, your next post (or any) would contain not only pics of the progress (which i truly enjoyed) of the graft, but as well the "how you did it" meaning (probably) the holding down of the seedling with the above mentioned tape, and pics where you slice, etc... or is the para film used to create a mini (breathable) glasshouse?
  11. withdrawl clinic

    upload delete how?

    thx 4 clearing this up! i have used the contact us button right away when this happend, but no reply so far. maybe you could copy and paste you method, to the contact us people, but than again they are probably told, 'LET THE TECH" PEOPLE DO IT AT THE NEXT FORUM UPGRADE...
  12. withdrawl clinic

    Ethnobotanical Kefir

    drying the grains out must be the way to store them, my grains "stored wet" did not survive...
  13. withdrawl clinic

    upload delete how?

    if you say they normally appeared at the front page, do you mean the pics which are displayed on top of the "starting page". i see the lotus pic and than just black ones to the right, you suggest to see different.
  14. i believe this happens, without any intent, maybe our brains are hardwired to do so, so we can feel good about ourselves, even if somebody makes "big claims". certainly members at the aya forums reacted that way, i don't know if this forum still excists.
  15. it just crossed my mind that, quite often people assume, if you say, "it was a very strong aya experience", they think it would not have been as strong, as the person say's. and i have never heard another source saying, what i claimed, a few posts above... but believe me if aya gives you halus for 12hours, and maybe more than halve of that time open eyes stuff (like dmt) than it was strong. many people can't experience aya for more than 3 hours or so, even if the brew was very potent. one more thing, as i side track talking aya, i definately think thinn stems of caapi are more potent than old thick ones. thick vines might give a more pleasurable experience...