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    Unfortunately large groups of people need to be managed and that comes at a cost of individual freedom. Imagine a small village with a single well, it would be nice if it could manage without any regulation around the use of that well, unfortunately some people either don't understand of don't care that taking a shit in that well will negatively effect everyone else that needs that that well for their clean water. Authoritarian creep is a real issue and balance need to be found but that doesn't change that 7 billion humans without any organization will just result in utter chaos and not all measures to manage,organize or regulate them comes from a nefarious intent.
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    Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness - BRISBANE PREMIERE SCREENING Hosted by Australian Psychedelic Society-APS Take an animated trip into the depths of the human mind with three brave pioneers of the 1950’s/60’s #AldousHuxley, #TimothyLeary and #AlanWatts. Journeys To The Edge of Consciousness presents three psychedelic trips by these three world-famous authors that together changed them, and Western culture, forever. Combining stylish, minimalist animation with a rich, immersive soundscape, Journeys creates a unique cinematic spectacle, inviting you to relive the highs - and the lows - of the psychedelic experience from the edge of your seat. Sixty years later we put these historic trips into a modern context, sitting down with twelve leading current thinkers to ask: "What can expanded states of mind teach us about ourselves, the world and our place in it?” APS-Brisbane is pleased to be able to host this incredible film ! https://www.facebook.com/events/308892900458842/ Because fortunately, even with current Covid restrictions, we can host up to 50 people in a 200 person cinema. Tickets are therefore limited to ONLY 50, so get yours ASAP to avoid missing out. * Wednesday, 16th September 2020, from 18:00-21:00 New Farm Cinemas, 701 Brunswick Street, New Farm, QLD Hope we see you there! https://events.humanitix.com/journeys-to-the-edge-of-consciousness-brisbane-premiere-screening
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    The fatalities of covid are insignificant until many people have it and we run out of we run out of hospital beds. That's really the issue. We only have 66,000 hospital beds in Australia and they aren't sat there empty waiting for covid patients, there's not so many free. The US population is huge on their RIGHTS!, won't be told what to do, and so now the population infection is around 2%. That would translate into 500,000 cases and ~25,000 dead if it were in Australia had we been behaving like them just for the last few months, not an entire year. Over a year of behaving like Americans we could have >75,000 dead. That's not an insignificant amount of people, incomparable to the flu. It's just going to get worse for the US now and being able to control it is going to get harder and harder. The genie is out of the bottle and there's no stuffing it back in. The reason it's not everywhere here and we don't know dead people is that we are controlling it well, it's not because it's not a threat. Lock downs are to prevent pandemic outbreaks. Sure we could just let everyone run wild and free and see a quarter million die in the next couple of years. But when you picture that pile of bodies, actually envision it, would you be the person responsible for making that mountain of meat government policy?
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    I second that salvia snuff Is surprisingly active, in every way. when still legal, pulverizing sally by hand and maybe mortar and pestil (cant remember) would once send me breaking thru although the material being pulverized, was halve a body lengh away from my nose... some authors wrote, "it's amazing how those Indians found out about the properties of this plant", that's bs copied from other bs authors, just moving through a salvia thicket, one would notice what this plant can do. or as another example what dried up fallen mitragyna leaves will do for you if you run the lawn mover over them. makes me think one recipe could utilize this plant, as snuff...