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  2. Gimli

    wtb TBM long form

    Was that the 2 auctions on ebay a while back ? Wasn't true long form, 100%
  3. XavierDass

    wtb TBM long form

    Really?! Oof.
  4. save_the_whales

    Looking for a sub print

    Hey gang, long time but I'm looking for a sub print. I'm terrible at finding them in the wild and this season was no different! Any help much appreciated.
  5. irabionist

    Share your art

    Not mine, but a friend did some psychoactive plant drawings instagram.com/keneskae/
  6. Matt1208

    wtb TBM long form

    hope you’ve got some deep pockets, last piece I seen go was at $350
  7. XavierDass

    wtb TBM long form

    Been wanting to collect for ages. W.A
  8. Yesterday
  9. I enjoy the rants also. and agree, the "ending" was top notch (from 2). some parts of that trajectory sound remarkably similar/familiar. the dedication to dogmatic atheism is curious for a polyglot.
  10. ZefSide95

    Youtube vids

    “Gooney Abdog”
  11. Slocombe


    Bump. ABC seems to be making a resurgence.... but I can't justify the cost myself. Allegedly this is a stable improvement on the original. https://humboldtcsi.com/product/subterfuge-1/
  12. Or at least anyone with a decent amount of knowledge about the creation myths, Adam and Eve myths etc? I was raised as a Catholic and I need to work on eliminating a lot of extremely deep seated programming from my childhood. I had a few interesting "revelations" and there was a lot of info downloaded regarding the Genesis myths, garden of Eden stories, the "fall" and the nature of the demiurge. I'd love to chat about some of this with someone sometime. Still really trying to form a reasonably coherent line of thought about all of this. But I feel I'm getting closer to finding the root program that causes a lot of my dysfunctional behaviour.
  13. Insequent

    Watch this space

    https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/company-news/how-rich-lister-barry-lambert-became-a-cannabis-mogul-in-a-bid-to-save-his-granddaughter/ar-AAGeixG?li=AAgfOd8&ocid=mailsignout Whilst I consider the title to be somewhat a juxtaposition, seeing "rich-lister" and "mogul" in the same sentence as "Cannabis", the article still adds momentum to this train. I just can't help imagining the journo's first "ASX listing" as a scene from "The Hunger Games". In no way do I wish to denigrate his motivation, his grand-daughter's condition, nor his family's suffering; these things don't just happen to the under-privileged. Perhaps Mr. Lambert will find enough gratitude in the power of his bank account to add support to the many folk who have pushed this agenda, not because they were personally suffering, but because someone else was. And not because they stand to make a shit-load of coloured paper out of it. Then again, perhaps I'm being too critical. Hell, the more I learn about our society and culture through psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, global economics and media, and indeed my own experiences in the medical world, the greater the difficulty of not judging from my own pedestal. I did find it interesting that Mr. Lambert's son blames himself for his daughter's Dravet Syndrome because of his alcohol use...
  14. Last week
  15. Right now what I'm doing is drooling. I don't understand 80% of the techspeak, which is entirely normal for a new field for me, so I'm not bothered by that. If I needed something doing in this space right now I'd spend the time because obvs the field is expanding and I need to watch the directions. All I can do at this point is observe, and drool What excites me is that there are people here with relevant and current skillset who can explain it well and who are sharing information Would it be possible for 2-3 of you to get together and put something up for the next EGA Garden States? Like a DNA 101 workshop on a single relevant point to us ethno freaks? A few of us have been working on practical protocols for base-level workshops for the day next May. Light microscopy, a little TLC, and something fungal again. Stuff people want to do at home- and can- but just need a few pointers to get the most out of the tek
  16. If it's the same legend from ANU who was proposing exactly that a few years back, please tell him I said hi? He was a legend even back then, now I reckon he'd be a fucken rockstar Great site too
  17. Yeah I had King quail, tiny. Prolly why they fared poorly against predators
  18. Cubism

    Watch this space

    The paper is open access so here's the link if anyone is interested https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6663976/
  19. Glaukus

    Watch this space

    Ive been reading a lot about the cannabis cancer treatment protocols lately. Wouldnt it be great if more research was allowed.
  20. Insequent

    Watch this space

    Because the folks who put him there, want him there. They'll keep him as long as he's useful to them, then he'll fall by the wayside in the gold plated world of the Sunny Dreams Retirement Village for Politicians... you know, that one where they're paid to reside rather than having to pay. (I may be wrong about that last bit, seeing as they mostly seem to need to take high paying jobs at one multi-national corporation or another.... no wait... sorry, it appears they can have both). Meanwhile, here's another positive bit of news about the plant of many miracles: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/cannabis-chemical-pancreatic-cancer-flavonoid-treatment-a9073606.html
  21. Xperiment

    Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    Pm me your details please trichojester
  22. trichojester

    N.rustica seeds giveaway

    received today thanks again humbolt your a legend
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