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Server costs stuck on 2020?

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I turned off my addblocker on some other site for a reason then came here and didn't even notice it was still off, then went to some other site and almost got cancer, then came back here to double check and nope still normal.

Then noticed that the server donation/costs were still on 2020 and then remembered some time where i tried to donate a little but kept having some issue. That little widget being buggered and a one click option to sabs server funds bsb and account details is all that is holding me back from chipping in $50 or so.

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Found the issue(with donation, not the stuck on 2020 thing), was gonna bitch at your IT guy but they are still making this all work so there's that.

(Actually..... fire the IT guy, I got to the end of the donation process using my "shop" details and still couldn't get it to work simply)

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