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Propagating lemon trees with a cactus (or coke bottle)

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Looking at the first video - it looks like he is cutting way past the cambium layer into the sapwood even the heartwood and when the the stem roots it roots from the point were the cambium layer / bark terminates.


Interesting would love to know why.

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it's important to note that, in this case it's not the probagating technic, which makes this look very cool, but the variety of lemon.

many lemon trees are very easy to grow by cuttings, but they all share one problem, root rot, or Phytophthora.

if kept in a pot out of the weather, they might grow, but if planted out they die sooner or later.

thats why all comercial trees are grafted, onto phytophthora resistant root stock.


i might add another incredible fact, if you grow grapefruits from seed, they very often already flower as a seedling, which looks very cool, and from time to time get hailed a "miracle of nature", but it ain't.

australia native citrus, as well could be probagated by those technics, and they are expensive to buy, and 100% phytophthora immune.

the ozzy native finger lime, squeezed onto an oyster, is a marriage made in heaven!

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