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Unintentional drug-induced deaths

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This chart from SBS shows "cannabinoid" drug deaths. How does it happen, I wonder? 


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Maybe they omitted the word 'synthetic'? :huh:

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I would say many of these deaths are caused by drug interactions. Only 1 out of 8 of those drugs are non-prescription drugs - cocaine. With stimulants being possible anything from caffeine to meth. Most of these died at the hands of their doctors (128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed - for Australia some crude math's says that would be about 10,079 deaths).


Everything is relative - Cannabinoids are still one of the safest on the list even if it possible being synthetics.


Cannabinoids have almost half as risky of anti-depressants and medical industry gives these out like candy for everything. Every time I go to the GP he offers me an SSRI for everything from Diabetic neuropathy, tinnitus, migraines and more, even if their efficacy is worse then placebos once side-effects are factored in.


How common are synthetics Cannabinoids in Australia? - I cannot even understand why you would bother with synthetics Cannabinoids considering the risk compared to the plant source and its wide availability.


In the last year due to surgery I have been given fentanyl, codine, & morphine and I f#ing hate them. I do not have the mind or body for opioids. They are the #1 killer on the list. I would not hesitate to consume cannabinoids for pain relative compared to opioids 75% less chance of dying. - Side story - a recovery nurse recommended (without me even asking the question) that I take cannabis to treat my post-op pain. She was was however clandestine about the recommendation - fearing doing so would endanger her employment.


Conspiracy Time - I also feel that their is now a concerted push back to try to further stigmatize cannabinoids to prevent its decriminalization and eventual legalization. I see more and more medical doctors proclaiming the evil of cannabis without much data. Cannabis legalization will undercut pharmaceutical profits.


Disclaimer I do not like cannabis - and I do not see it as a panacea but as a selective treatment it is safer then many other prescription drug options. However I believe  that more data is needed and in time cannabis will be on-label for only a very few conditions. Their are few panacea in this world except for possible exercise.


I now almost refuse all drugs it is all to easy to get on the merry-go-round of prescription drugs and many of these deaths are due to drug interaction. At one point I was popping 20 prescription pills a day.





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Cocaine is clearly the only responsible choice...

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