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Wild cubensis with different properties


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Hey all,


I am 95% sure I am taking spore prints of wild cubensis found growing out of a cow pat outside of Newcastle but a couple of things are stumping me.




The stipe (not pictured) has a purple/black annulus present although with no blue bruising and the dried caps are papery, thin and spongey.

Is this consistent with your experiences of wild cubensis?


Cheers guys! I love the spore prints from these :)


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They are aged for sure, but you can see the deep purple spore staining on both caps.


The dark anulus or veil remnant is as you say dark purple to black, and that too is from a heavy dusting of spores.


I have found cubes that appear almost purple because of the spore distribution due to prime conditions.


Cultivated cubes I have seen tend to be much cleaner of course, but they tend to lack the heavy dusting of spores that you will see in some wildcrafted specimens :wink:

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They just look a bit old and dehydrated mate.  I imagine they were probably pretty 'airy' to begin with considering all the rain down here.

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