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can receptors get stuck?

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i have been prescribed prazosin an alpha blocker, and have used it only once and just halve a minipress.

i checked it's half life, and it should not effect me, more than 36 h later.

all though some papers state, that it's effects can last for a few day's.


now have used metropolol (a beta blocker) years ago, and when i stopped using it, i felt an uneasy heartbeat for 6 months, and this only from one tablet.

i have to add i haven't used prazosin and metropolol at the same time, and i know they are contra indicated.

taking one metropolol, in the morning, gave me an uneasy heart beat allready in the afternoon. what i mean is some doc's prescribe one in the morning and halve in the afternoon.

i did not take metropolol, to help unregular heart beat, but for ptsd and anxiety. but it "gave me" unregular heart beat.

i still take metropolol at times, to overcome stage fright, but this only once a week maximum. i know of stage performers which had to perform every day, and as such had to increase there beta blocker intake, and they must have gone thru hell waining themselves of it.

alcohol is a much saver anxyolitic, and is the best drug to overcome stage fright.


now i have taken at times only a single dose of mitrazapine, and some ssri's, and i had the feeling that they still had an effect on my receptors for days later.

as well at times, i claim, a single dose of an anti depressant would, stop my long lasting depressive state, from one day to the other, and i felt no need to take another dose.

all of the said above, make me believe that, receptors might work, compared to what a gate does, open or close to an influx.

but it's for me not as the pharma people describe, once you stop taking the inhibitor or antagonist, the gate shuts again.

i see it as, the gate can "be rusty and not open easely" and as well the "gate can be, swung open and to get stuck for a while in the opend stage".


i'm a person who can feel galangel kefir, and other herbs, passing my, blood brain barrier,  maybe thats an indicator, why i seem to be very sensitive to, drugs which alter my receptors.


taking a single halve dose of prazosin, more than 40h ago still give me the sensation of, i want my body back.

i had a night mare with lots of blood pressure medications, in the same way, they turned me into a geriatic person from one moment to the other,

i could not drive, do my chores,and it seemed even my cognitive functions were negativly impacted.

just keep taking them the doctors said, it will get better. thank god i did not heed there bad advice, but stopped and tried another blood preassure medicin.

it took a long time to find a drug for me with minimum side effects...


i'm lucky i currently have a doctor who doesn't take it personaly, if i'm not happy with the drugs we try.


many doctors are so incompetant, they belive only street drugs can be dangerous drugs, only street drugs make addicted!

they believe antidepressants are non addictive, and tolerance is not an issue.


if you experience a rare side effect of a drug, they never believe you. 

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yes, but i take coversyl for that.


i was prescribed prazosin, to relax my bladder, as i have to pee 4 times a night, it's a benign, prostrate thing.


i researched prazosin more, and it was hailed as a miracle drug for ptsd, but now has been found useless as such.

the poor veterans get treated like guinea pigs, pumped full of drugs that don't help, but have negative side effects...

i think, i understand now, why i hated this drug so much, it's an alpha inhibitor, it removed all zest and energy from my body.

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