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I've always loved VW's.

Oval windows, semiphore's, beetle's, 56 thru to super bugs and everything inbetween.

Hope someone see's this and chimes in with some pics or rebuilds.

My love affair started when i was 12 years old and the bug got me. I've see some amazing rebuilds and socals but my fave are kombi's with open roof and barn doors.

Please add some pics and comments if you can.

Volks are my passion. Von Dutch eben built a VW motorcycle.

Anyway if you have the bug you understand the passion i feel and maybe you do too.


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Hi Ethereal, Ive had a few buses and bugs.  Are you a kombi clubber?  

Maybe my favourite was a Beryl green 61 Type1.  It had a 1200 motor and everything that could go wrong did, so consequently I learnt alot from that car. Should never have sold it.

My 1st however was an orange 76 bus which i owned thoughout my 20's.  Had loads of fun in that, in some ways im guilty of trying to recapture those times.


Ive had a T3 camper, previously owned by a German dentist.  It went on a boat to Europe for a holiday and got fitted out with great stuff, fridge, stove, air con, front seat hammock.  Was apparently in a road trip movie called Ceduna Ive never seen the movie but i did find a script under the seat.  When i ripped the floor up i could feel the sense of one mans love.  He cried when he sold it.  


Now Ive a 75 microbus 2lt.  I bought it sight unseen from ebay.  Flew to Broken Hill and drove it back to melbs.  Wasn't going real good 10kms down the road until i bought a nail file.  Freshened up the points and barrelled home with fuck all steering.  In late '18 i did a valve so replaced the cam and all the bottom end, put on new heads, resurrected the carbs.  The machinist had it for an eternity, so i used that time to fix up all body, running gear, new seals, lines, door cards, sound proofing.  I sold the seats for a packet which funded all the engine parts.  Now its pretty squeaky and has finally settled into being a good runner.  I put in a rock n roll bed but decided against decking it out any more. Portable stoves and fridges are easy and having all that room is handy.  A while ago i wanted to sell it for an electric car but I've always regretted selling my vw's.  The Kids and dogs love them too.  

The colour is Bronco brown apparently dulux were commissioned to do Aussie colours for the 76 Olympics.  Ive always assumed it was inspired by Uluru.

We go camping in it mostly, but i try to drive it every week.  Although im a bit over spending my time underneath them after 30 odd years I've never tired of the feeling of driving Vws.  All up Ive had 3 buses and 3 bugs (though 2 never made it on the road), coincidentally all three buses cost $8k, all bugs $4k.  

Sadly many pics are gone by the by with old phones and pc's, but heres some of the current one.







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