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Bucks Party Location Ideas

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Gday fellow humans,


I'm getting hitched next april. It will be great. 


However as maybe some of you have struggled with before I cannot figure out my bucks. 


I got no interest in strippers. I don't drink. I do enjoy most other debauchery however. 


I'm thinking that finding a property somewhere in NSW between casino, tenterfield and nimbin for my mates and I to get weird in would be good. I'd also like to put a bit of money into some communities I know have been doing it tough with our country being on fire and all. 



  • Loud music for extended periods of time isn't a problem
  • 4 or 5 nights over a weekend
  • Probably in February
  • Welcoming of fellow psychonauts 



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Firstly, congrats.  Sorry I don't have any location ideas for your party.  I think a lot of us would welcome such a place if they exist.


One of the best buck's I went to we had a day's canoeing down a river.  It was epic fun - and very memorable - particularly when the aim of the day became to capsize each other's two-man canoes with a special bounty on the groom, who had the advantage of a kayak. The canoe carrying "supplies" was, of course, exempt.  Maybe your best man can squeeze in some sort of activity.


Also 4 to 5 nights seems a long time - just saying.

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thanks SayN


I like the idea of an adventure activity.


4 or 5 nights is just how long it tends to take me to get up to speed and back down again. But it might be nice to have an event people can come and go to



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