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Hi all

Looking for good podcasts, not necessarily ethno related. If this is already covered pls linky.

Joe Rogan touches on some cool topics/people but I don't really like him so much
I like nerdy, in depth stuff.

Ethnos, mycology, conservation, permaculture, sustainable tech, science etc

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ABC does some nice podcasts. Check out Off Track for environmental ambience and reporting, The Science Show often has stuff on conservation and environmental politics. You can find some stuff about ethnos on abc too, specifically they had a little run on about ayahuasca for a while, but it wasn't all that interesting. Pip Magazine has a few permaculture type podcasts on their website. On player.fm you can get stuff like the Sustainable Futures Report, which is pretty self-explanatory. On bushcraft this bloke does a decent podcast. For great, unrelated to any of your interests, storytelling, check out Shit Town, it's basically long form This American Life. Even more in-depth stuff can be found on a lot of universities websites. They aren't as compelling as journalist-presented podcasts, but if you want to get really nerdy they are where it's at. You can find on LSE's homepage episodes related to sustainability issues on stuff like automation and robots, migration, ubi, climate change etc.

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I recently listened to this interview with Keeper Trout. Skip the first 6 minutes or so for some interesting reflection on the Shulgin archives and Loph history/conservation.


Damn KT gives me a mass cactus boner. Anyone got more lecture/interview content from him?

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Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Infinite Monkey Cage

The Science Show

No Such Thing as a Fish

Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris

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First one is focused on AI but branches off into many related fields. 

Second is Eric Weinstein's podcast.

Third is talks by Roger Penrose.

I think all 3 of these guys have been on rogan at some point. 

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smartphone> castbox app >
- maps
- plus three
- enpsychedelia 
- shaman's way
- entheonation
- greener grass 

EGA on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/entheotv

 plus a couple others i'm forgetting 

op didn't mention psychology so i'm leaving that out 

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