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Some cacti seeds/plants wanted

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Hi just putting this out there in case I get lucky, wanting to expand the collection and hoping for a few different cacti seeds, plants/cuttings for a fair price or trade

Let me know if you have any of the following to offer and what you would like in return :

* Eriocereus pomanensis and/or jusbertii

*Neobuxbaumia Euphobioides and/or polylopha

*Cereus Validus Forbesii, cereus aethiops, cereus Insularis


Mainly want the first two to test as grating stock

The others are mainly for looks and the fruit, Also interested in other cacti with good fruit that I do not already have so open to other types as well : )


Thanks for looking and if you know of any other good yummy cacti fruits apart from dragon fruit and prickly pear I would like to know your experiences : ) actually I think i will start a thread about that in a min : )




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I have a couple Opuntia ficus indica that I hand grew myself from both white and purple fruit seed.


I have them labeled by the fruit color I grew them from. I understand white fruit are the more sought after varieties and they were definitely more difficult to sprout so I guess I can understand that.


They are now fully grown plants although only 3 years old.


If you're interested Pm me and I'll show you what I got :) 

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