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    Pollen Genetic Traders!

    I'm glad to see there are other genetic workers. When spring comes I'll update. This is the worst winter we've had since 94. I've sadly lost a few I can see but Not all.
  2. spacegrandmother101

    Pollen Genetic Traders!

    I wanted to start a thread where people with specific types of desirable genetics can share/trade their pollen to people all over the world. I imagine Tricho genetics are going to be the top trade here but ATM I have Lophophora Willie pollen from 3 beautiful plants if anyone is in need to add some new genetics to their seed library. I have many more options on the way so I'll update once I collect new pollen from different plants. I do have a little bit of Girl Scout Cookie and some good Shoreline pollen left but I don't know how long it'll stay viable. If you too are a pollen saver please post up here so we can get some healthy genes out into the community instead of always leaving it up to nature or self pollination which often brings down the number of good viable seeds.
  3. spacegrandmother101


    Looks like a Sharxx to me. So beautiful <3
  4. spacegrandmother101

    20171220_185737.Rosarii 1

    Beautiful Plants karode and it's good to see you again
  5. spacegrandmother101

    Pollen Genetic Traders!

    Does no one else collect Pollen here?
  6. spacegrandmother101

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    I tried to start a thread like that Here but I haven't had anyone really pop in to add any additional info other that what I posted in the OP for misplant genetics.
  7. spacegrandmother101

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    The LJ males still have the same upward pointing areoles but they're not as well defined as the LJ Mother crosses. I'll see if I have a pic of any to post up for you.
  8. spacegrandmother101

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    I Sadly do not have that cross but I have noticed with all of my LJ crosses that the areoles seem to protrude pointing upwards with those fan shaped spines. If you hadn't said anything about it being a LJ cross I would have placed a guess on it being the father
  9. spacegrandmother101


    Would you make me a very happy eunuch and put that baby girl in my hands???
  10. spacegrandmother101

    Who's willing to cut their Aussie Clones?

    I'm looking to get my hands on Psycho0, Bertha, Yowie and Eileen. I have much to trade and I'll buy if that's more your speed If I buy I wanna buy in bulk though. All I need honestly for each is a 3inch center cut and I can propagate from there.
  11. spacegrandmother101

    Carolina reaper seeds

    I have some Morunga scorpion and Ghost as well if you're interested
  12. spacegrandmother101

    Some cacti seeds/plants wanted

    I have a couple Opuntia ficus indica that I hand grew myself from both white and purple fruit seed. I have them labeled by the fruit color I grew them from. I understand white fruit are the more sought after varieties and they were definitely more difficult to sprout so I guess I can understand that. They are now fully grown plants although only 3 years old. If you're interested Pm me and I'll show you what I got
  13. spacegrandmother101

    Sida Cordifolia

    Just remember to give it at least 2 years growing in nutrient rich potting soil before you harvest. I harvested at 3 years so wait if you can.
  14. spacegrandmother101


    Did you grow these 3 babies out from seed or purchase them somewhere? You have some gorgeous babies Are you thinking about grafting little pieces of these crests and mutants? I imagine you could clone the hell out of these babies and spread these amazing genetics far and wide If you do decide to, you know where to find me. I'll hook you up with manhood for these beauties
  15. spacegrandmother101

    Sida Cordifolia

    I have to admit that it is pretty pleasant. I wouldn't consider it Euphoric so much as just energetic and heavily active. I have a ton of roots (young and old) as well as a bunch of seed if anyone is interested in growing it out
  16. spacegrandmother101

    Sida Cordifolia

    I live in zone 7 and I grew one of these out by seed about 3 years ago not expecting much from it. I uprooted the 3 year old plant a couple weeks ago , cleaned the roots, ground them up and seeped them in hot water. It was a slow coming effect but a BIG burst of energy hit me about an hour and a half later. I was really surprised! I now add this to me Klip Dagga and passion flower teas (taste is a bit woody on its own but adding Passion Flowers really makes it much more pleasant) that I make nearly every morning (in SMALL amounts depending on how tired I am) and it seems to work like a strong caffeine for me now. Be careful though because this plant seeds like WILDFIRE!!! I now have it growing nearly everywhere in my garden now. It's become 1 hell of a pest to get rid of where I don't want it to grow Much like planting Passiflora incarnata in your yard (as it begins to take over the entire yard within 2 years) Good Luck and be careful not to let it seed so much. Cutting the flowers off as they close is probably your best choice to keep them from taking over.
  17. spacegrandmother101


    OMG She is GORGEOUS!!! I'd give my left Nut to add a clone of her to my collection. Screw it! I'd give my whole sack of walnuts for that cutie
  18. spacegrandmother101


    Congrats Bro!!! That is Awww Inspiring
  19. spacegrandmother101

    salt and vinegar

    VERY Sexy pic my friend
  20. spacegrandmother101

    Giveaway ,''Guess the plant''.

    Can I get a go by guessing your cacti species?
  21. spacegrandmother101

    My lovely little paradise

    Wow those are some beautiful cacti Bro <3
  22. spacegrandmother101

    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    I have MANY plants from Zelly labeled and marked here in the top pic. It's hard to tell which all is which from the picture but there are many different crosses here grown over the last 3 years. Since I first heard of Zed and his amazing business The second pic I'm pretty sure came from Zeds seed but it's a Pach X Pach 'Monstrose'. It's had a lil rough time to get to where it has gotten now but it only has 2 short (hair like) spines on each areole that it drops as it grows leaving about a 98% spineless Pachanoi stalk. It's the first Tricho I've found to be almost completely spineless. Has anyone else gotten a plant like this from Zeds seed or ever even seen a spineless Tricho before? Also!!! If Activity is actually a defense mechanism along with the spines to keep pests from consuming or destroying the plant? Could this mean this plant is so strong in activity that it doesn't even need any spines to protect it any farther? I'm not advising it to be consumed or agreeing that is right to even contemplate. I just wonder if this plant would be a good point to get tested in a lab? Also does anyone know a fairly inexpensive lab to hook up with in hopes for getting this plant studied. I hope this post isn't breaking any rules??? If so I'm sorry. This question has just been on my mind heavily here lately and I was hoping I could get a good answer here. Anyways Thank you Immensly My Brother Zelly for your amazing work and all the effort you put into getting great genetics out to the community
  23. Post some shit up homie! I know you got some amazing plants to add :)

  24. spacegrandmother101

    Introducing myself. Hi Fellow Cultivators

    I just wanted to start somewhere (as this is a LARGE confusing forum). I'm Spacey and I have Many cacti and other Ethno plants that I'm excited to share with you guys. I'll post a few pics here just to see if it works if I can get the hang of how things work here Let me know if this works and you guys can see the greenhouse pics I've tried to post. Also if this is the wrong place just let me know and I'll attempt to move it to somewhere where it'll be mor suited. Thanks Guys