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The Corroboree


bagged a birthday snickercereus log after losing against someone who wanted it's tip piece a bit more than I must've... 

Trichocereus henry 1.jpgTrichocereus henry 2.jpgTrichocereus henry 3.jpgTrichocereus henry 4.jpg

..at least I think the tip piece was from the same plant - i reckon if I add the pics I'd swiped (always do for ID and every plant we buy)

you guys might agree with me?

Trichocereus henry 5.jpgTrichocereus henry 6.jpgTrichocereus henry 7.jpgTrichocereus henry 8.jpgTrichocereus henry 9.jpg

anyhow , I'm danged if I can tell what it is yet but if I was forced to say something it might be " looks a bit peruvianussie to me with those validussie spines " but hey , might arrive fatter than in the pics tho..

What do you guys think it might be?


Gna name it Henry after that big green engine from my childhood and the biscuits I munched watching it .. in the meantime ...

until settling on some kinda ID

Trichocereus henry 1.jpg

Trichocereus henry 2.jpg

Trichocereus henry 3.jpg

Trichocereus henry 4.jpg

Trichocereus henry 5.jpg

Trichocereus henry 6.jpg

Trichocereus henry 7.jpg

Trichocereus henry 8.jpg

Trichocereus henry 9.jpg

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Hey mate, interesting plant and hard to ID because it falls in a group of plants where there are many intermediates without clear separation. It is definitely a column related to Trichocereus terscheckii, and I agree that the spines indicate it could be T. validus. I also saw some Bolivian Trichocereus werdermannianus forms which are very similar. So yeah, would guess that it´s Bolivian or a hybrid involving one of the species mentioned before,

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