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Anyone ever tried isatin?

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So apart from being an endogenous MAO-B inhibitor and putative antiparkinsonian agent it seems to have interesting effects in increasing striatal DA levels. It's fairly available and even Snu's book makes reference to it... just wondering if anyone has ever tried it in the name of science?


"MAO-B inhibitor, inhibits MAO-A much more weakly; increases acetylcholine and dopamine levels in at brain, increases brain serotonin, but not in pineal; inhibits binding to BZ-receptors. Some studies have not duplicated MAOI activity. Early tests showed it to increase vigilance, reduce slow wave sleep, and cause greater incidence of spontaneous rhythmic EEG activity" Voogelbreinder, 2009


Please note: caution should be exercised when considering high doses of isatin as a putative anti-Parkinson's disease therapeutic.

My dopaminergic system is too out of whack to try it but surely someone has?

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I've used substances like selegine, prescribed by a psychiatrist for DA related dysfunction... apathy & attention related issues predominately. Selegiline is a selective MAO-B inhibitor, which as you've likely researched only metabolizes DA, and the drug rarely will cause implications mixing with other drugs or tyrosine containing foods.


I experienced very substantial 'blunting' effect in my personality, emotion, and humor... along with insomnia. I would feel wired, in the way that I still wanted to just lay and rest my eyes with my shoes still on. The main problem with MAOI is that they just seriously jack up your sleep architecture, and this will carry on to so much more of your physiology. They sound good on paper (until looking at sleep architecture), but in my experience it was not helpful. I don't want to hurt your hope. Just my two cents. 


This is probably going to make people hate me. But I've read much studies on orgasm having overwhelming blunting effects on DA transmission that lasts 2-4 weeks. For me, abstinence was more beneficial than anything else. That and I quit smoking weed (but I felt even more dysfunctional for at least two weeks before I eventually noticed strong benefit).To those that have no issues, please continue your ways as it's not a problem for most people. I am just explaining for myself.

All drugs that affect DA transmission will have some degree of cross-tolerance, as well, so consider that. 

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