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Hey guys,

I feel there is a lot of pollen coming from different cultivars lately - I also feel there's an opportunity here to collaborate a bit more on paving a way for future hybrids - maybe in a bit more of an 'atmospheric' way.

So, for example - I'm proposing we make an open thread, where people post offers of pollen - also for education on taking pollen, storing pollen, pollen transport and applications. So basically, a thread for those who just want to contribute, and work together with, the community (like myself).

Maybe we could set some rulings? i.e., pollen providers are due approx 20% of seeds forthcoming. Does this sound fair?

Also, this would not be consecutive trading - anyone can claim, from any post offering, as long as offers are still available.

I'm actually a complete amateur to cacti pollination myself, but if this seems like a valid idea to you guys, i'd love to get the ball rolling. So, to give an example of layout, i'll propose my items first; (photos were taken three weeks ago - buds are confirmed developing)

I will have three offers of Icaros Pollen available: EDIT - TWO OFFERS REMAINING.


I will also have three offers of Scopulicolus x Psycho0 pollen available: EDIT - ONE OFFER REMAINING.


For those interested, please PM me with your address - i pay postage pollen your way, you pay postage with seeds harvest (20%?) my way.

Assuming this takes off, there needs to be an understanding of contribution, before profit - the purpose of this thread is for community benefit.

Additionally, post #3 in this thread contains tips on collecting and storing pollen - Just to make it easy for those amateurs who may not know where to start ;)

Lastly - regarding international trading - it may be wise, for the individual poster to state whether or not they are willing to post (or receive seed) internationally. It goes without saying, that you should check your national laws regarding importation, etc. (as for my initial offer here, i will happily send pollen internationally - however i won't be asking for seed being sent to me, as i feel that is a borderline risk i don't feel like taking).

Let's make this a thing. Happy pollination, guys.





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if an experienced pollinator could outline the rough steps they take in collecting, mail-sending, and applying pollen, that would be amazing

If bees could talk, who would listen?

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Very nice initiative..

Here's some interesting info on pollen collecting by experienced pollinators:


post #16

When trading pollen, I've had success but only if we trade pollen in a baggie rather than on q-tips - A good way to gather it is to place a glass under the flower and tap/shake the flower so the pollen falls off the stamens and into the glass - I brush it off the stamen with a knife or other object and then do the tapping/shaking actually..

I suppose Qtips work, but they leave very little pollen on the pistil of the other flower - I've had many fails using qtips..

Per storage, the pollen seems to only last a month or so in the fridge - I've heard its best to store it in the fridge rather than freezer, and be sure to double or triple bag it to prevent moisture from getting into it..

I've had best results with pollination by scooping little clumps of pollen out of the baggie with the tip of a knife and depositing the pollen directly on/in the pistil (the female reproductive thing in the middle of the flower) - and/or, holding a nice clump of pollen deep in the pistil and gently blowing on it so it goes right into the middle of the pistil..



In general I like to collect the pollen by putting a glass/cup under the mouth of the flower, and using a knife or any such utensil to fluff the pollen off the filaments and down into the glass - can also tap at the outside of the flower to get pollen to fall out into the glass.

post #99

if you really want to get the pollen you can always sacrifice a flower - chop it off right before it opens and go harvest the pollen safely away from the bees. Likewise, you can introduce pollen into a flower that has not yet opened by prying it open.


Using latex gloves / cleaning hands and surfaces with alcohol is probably also a good idea ..

Dry and desiccated pollen are not the same.

Not dry means it'll rot in a day if kept in a baggie.

Dry means it's water is reduced to something on the order of 14% and may stay viable for a week in the refrigerator.

Desiccated means its water is reduced so much it'll last a year or more if stored in a jar with some desiccant in the freezer.

Theres a paper relating to it [Here]

Indicating desiccant can be found in arts and crafts stores, its used in drying flowers.

:excl: Immediate second round of desiccation, for the previously freezed pollen, and before sending in the mail will most likely increase the chances of successful pollination..

Newly formed condensation when defreezing might be avoided by initially storing the pollen along with a silica gel desiccant baggie ..


Protecting flowers before and after the pollination might be useful too..


:excl: It's a good idea to check your donor plant for mosaic virus patterns before offering to send pollen to others..

Tobacco mosaic virus might be transfered easily to the recipient mother plant - directly or indirectly..

B):)Good luck to the enthusiast pollinators !!

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That post is so perfect Mysubtleascention, a million karmas to you.

Hopefully other individuals will be interested in making offers - we also now have the know-how posted, for those amateurs who were half-way to making crosses but who were lacking the knowledge.

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