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  1. Juuls x Lumberjack and SS0201 F2
  2. Lumberjack x Juuls You can really see the Lumberjack traits in those spines!
  3. Yes, I have a few non-pc pach's with buds so I am very hopeful this year! Please hold the following seeds for me - funds have been sent - I gotta go to work will send a PM tonight. Thanks! Z002 Psycho0 X Yowie $5 Z018 scopulicola X Hahn pachanoi $3 Z022 "Roy" pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $3 Z023 "Roy" pachanoi X Super Pedro $3 Z032 Hahn pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $5 Z049 Scop X SA SS Tersch $5 Z050 Scop (Heynes) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Z052 Scop (Heynes) X Scop (Hillside) $5 Z053 Scop (Hillside) X Fields pachanoi $3 Z054 Scop X (Juul's Giant X Scop) $3 Z055 Scop (worm) X Helen (Secret Garden) $3 Z056 Scop (worm) X Scop (Heynes) $5 Z057 Scop (Zed's) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Z058 Scop (Zed's) X Fields pachanoi $3 Z059 Scop (Zed's) X Scop (Hulk) $5 Z060 scop (Zed's) X Super Pedro $3 Z064 Super Pedro X Hahn pach $3 Z067 Super Pedro X SA SS Tersch $5
  4. zelly Senior Citizen No Doubt Russia Interfered in Zelly's post - details will be released soon!
  5. No Doubt Russia Interfered with zelly's link - details to be released soon!
  6. EG told me that a professional editor is reviewing the book, and the process is taking much more time than he anticipated. It is very important to EG that the book is of the highest quality so he did not want to rush the project. I am sure he will give us an update soon
  7. AZS

    Fastest Growing Pachanoi

    60m a year - that's gotta be a record! Pics Please!
  8. Misplant Garden Tour on Youtube! Misplant Reverse Pollination on Youtube!
  9. SS0201 x SS0201 - an F2 hybrid of one of Sacred Succulents Juuls x SS0201 - 2 pics showing variation between two seedlings
  10. TPM x N1 over 30cm Psycho0 x Paradeyes 28cm
  11. AZS

    Serra blue?

    SS02 x Serra Blue grown from SS seeds This top cut is just beginning to root - it grew to about half a meter in three years from seed
  12. AZS

    Bridgesii "Reynolds"

    It's a nice, unique clone - take a look at misplant.net under the "Leyenda" clone photos - there is a "Reynolds" bridge in the flowering pic of Leyenda I will take a few more photos soon to show its details
  13. Thanks Master B Here's a few more Juuls Open Juuls-x-Lumberjack Kimnach Open
  14. Huarazensis-x-Scopulicola Lumberjack-x-Juuls