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    D inoxia. We have both in australia, some try and sell inoxia as wrightii though.
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    Can we talk about Nutmeg?

    Nutmeg is remarkably psychoactive. Two years ago I consumed a whole nut to help me sleep. Chewed up in halves, with milk, whole nut. Woke up the next morning seeing halos on my room posters, feeling very stoned. It's legal, legit, and I suppose relatively safe, after doing extensive research. In fact, it seems even if you try and kill yourself, you'll have a hard time doing it on nutmeg (not recommended, though). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924933816016187 There are two deaths on record. Both questionable as to nutmeg being the cause. But be informed, do your own research. Alexander Shulgin, RIP, talked a lot about TMA being created in the liver. Also this gem from last year, showing an action that is essentially cannabinoid re-uptake inhibition. Explains a lot. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13880209.2016.1194864 Ultimately, there's a lot in nutmeg, and it varies from nut to nut, season to season. Also this from the search engine, from Mr Corroboree himself. A lot of great info here. I can relate. A couple of points, regarding safe use in my own historical experience. - A five gram whole nut seems to be a decent experience. More is subjective, but for me delerium-territory. - Powder is bunk. - 6-8 hour onset, lasts a day and a half. - Nutmeg is an incredible aphrodisiac. Combine a cannabinoid amplifier with a circulation-promoter and you get that, i suppose. - Drink water, don't drive, it's a drug = set + setting paramount. be responsible if you choose to use. Education is the answer. Pure nutmeg is illegal in Saudi Arabia, because... well, religion says psychoactivity is bad. No surprises there, but that's another conversation. http://www.bakkah.net/en/nutmeg-the-spice-is-an-intoxicant-khamr.html Anyone else with nutmeg experience? Would appreciate thoughts, references, discussion...
  3. Not bad for my first cross. The Icaros has been around since first DNA seed import. ScopxPsycho0 came from a five-pack off Herbalistics many years ago. Here's mom and dad: Seedlings - i have five containers of these. Should come up with some nice phenotypes, if i don't manage to kill them all accidentally!
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    Peru / Macro ID's

    Typical Icaros-type Name them if you want!
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    Can we talk about Nutmeg?

    Hi SagixSagi. I say all this with a grain of salt, of my own personal experience. You shouldn't feel you need to emulate any of this until you first self-educate, or better yet, talk to your GP (although they would more likely put you on a mental health plan). Nutmeg inebriation for me feels both drowsy yet incredibly introspective at the same time. Often there is a euphoria. I've found this euphoria can be pronounced by doing things that activate your body's endocannabinoid system. This may be simple things, as eating, sexual behaviour etc. For some strange reason, eating oatmeal feels incredible. Nostalgia seems to be a theme for me, also. Sometimes, there is nausea, and feelings of physical imbalance, but these are typically controllable. It can also be confusing, incredibly sedating and in high doses, one might have incredible memory loss. Sometimes keeping a consistent neurological process going takes some effort. It is aphrodisiac for me. Really, a-hem, "on point". This is echoed in anecdotes I've found. It truly is an interesting substance. I can't implicate any specific comparison, but it feels like every single psychoactive drug known to man in a nut - at the same time. If that sounds like a very confusing experience, then welcome to nutmeg. I have only ever dosed one whole nut, using the same method as in my first post. This will typically never be more than 6 grams. Any more and i feel overwhelmed. What is it useful for? Art. Music appreciation. Sex, walks in the park, enjoying sunsets, going to the beach. Enjoying life. Thinking about life. Learning about yourself. All the usual stuff. Preferably with a responsible friend, also dosed. Or a knowledgeable sitter. Stay safe, Cheers.
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    Can we talk about Nutmeg?

    +1 for chai ;)
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    any active salvias besides sally d

    Salvia Guaranitica is certainly active. Contains Cirsiliol, comparable to ambien. Works noticeably well. Only other species you'll find with any noticeable psychoactivity, imho.
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    So a duck walks into a bar, and says to the barman, "hey, you got any bread?" The barman shakes his head no. says the duck, "well, listen... what about, just some old, stale bread?" The barman says "look, duck, i don't have any bread, capiche?" The duck says "alright alright, look... how about some crumbs, or crusts, or dough -" "look duck -" says the barman, "you ask me about bread one more time and i'm gonna shoot you in the face." "okay." says the duck. "do you have a gun, then?" "no i don't." says the barman. "I see... so do you have any bread?" ------------------------------------------------------ We need more jokes, guys ! Give me some of your good ones..
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    Name my Cactus and win

    Blue Belcher
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    The Pollinators

    Hey guys, I feel there is a lot of pollen coming from different cultivars lately - I also feel there's an opportunity here to collaborate a bit more on paving a way for future hybrids - maybe in a bit more of an 'atmospheric' way. So, for example - I'm proposing we make an open thread, where people post offers of pollen - also for education on taking pollen, storing pollen, pollen transport and applications. So basically, a thread for those who just want to contribute, and work together with, the community (like myself). Maybe we could set some rulings? i.e., pollen providers are due approx 20% of seeds forthcoming. Does this sound fair? Also, this would not be consecutive trading - anyone can claim, from any post offering, as long as offers are still available. I'm actually a complete amateur to cacti pollination myself, but if this seems like a valid idea to you guys, i'd love to get the ball rolling. So, to give an example of layout, i'll propose my items first; (photos were taken three weeks ago - buds are confirmed developing) I will have three offers of Icaros Pollen available: EDIT - TWO OFFERS REMAINING. I will also have three offers of Scopulicolus x Psycho0 pollen available: EDIT - ONE OFFER REMAINING. For those interested, please PM me with your address - i pay postage pollen your way, you pay postage with seeds harvest (20%?) my way. Assuming this takes off, there needs to be an understanding of contribution, before profit - the purpose of this thread is for community benefit. Additionally, post #3 in this thread contains tips on collecting and storing pollen - Just to make it easy for those amateurs who may not know where to start ;) Lastly - regarding international trading - it may be wise, for the individual poster to state whether or not they are willing to post (or receive seed) internationally. It goes without saying, that you should check your national laws regarding importation, etc. (as for my initial offer here, i will happily send pollen internationally - however i won't be asking for seed being sent to me, as i feel that is a borderline risk i don't feel like taking). Let's make this a thing. Happy pollination, guys.
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    The Pollinators

    That post is so perfect Mysubtleascention, a million karmas to you. Hopefully other individuals will be interested in making offers - we also now have the know-how posted, for those amateurs who were half-way to making crosses but who were lacking the knowledge.
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    Bridgesii Sale

    I like your method of displaying, it's really accurate for showcase purposes. Nice specimens.
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    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Nice! Snowfella, that looks identical to what i call kk339 in my own collection. Much like others have also concurred, i wouldn't call that plant a PC - just a nice, cool pachanoi You should collect pollen like Master B suggested, there are going to be heaps of cool flowerings this season... I have a scopxpsycho0, as well as an 8 year old Icaros that have buds... I'm thinking we need to do some sort of pollen trading thread.
  14. TommyChesnutt

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Hey Snowfella, nice flowers. Listen, are you sure that's a PC plant? It looks kind of normal pach (to me) with those 'V's, spines and ribs.. maybe that's just what a healthy fat PC looks like though.
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    Define God

    God is the answer to what each of us know as unknown. Some of us just have the view that the unknown can be discovered and documented, as opposed to speculated and imagined/idolized. With that said, i believe god is one of the reasons we have got so far as a species - the ability to speculate on what the senses have not recognized - it has no doubt made us seek answers, always a good thing for a species.
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    Rescued Bridgesii

    true that ^ looks like a nice, typical bridgesii with good vigour, nice score
  17. TommyChesnutt

    Could anyone help a new guy out with some Pachanoi or Bridgesii cuttings?

    Good luck on your quest Schoey88 Additionally, it might benefit to read up on laws regarding certain cacti in different states, as they do differ... (There's a legal information thread in the cacti forum...)
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    Let's all just be happy, and comprehend that this is a huge achievement for Australia. Cannabis, evident to most people with a brain, has too much therapeutic value to ignore, and our government, after decades of blanketing and blind propaganda, has finally recognised this. Therefore, may i suggest that we all celebrate the fact our nation has managed to make reailty, the one most obvious simple stupid fucking thing, that will advance our nation immensely from a medical standpoint, and rejoice, in the bask, of the happiness from those who will no doubt benefit from this.
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    Trichocereus seedlings & cuttings for sale [ Europe ]

    ...those are some damn fine cactus. well done, well done..
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    Shittiest joke competition - tricho seedlings

    Why did the semen cross the road? I put the wrong sock on this morning.
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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    This may or may not be trout. Actually if it's not trout, i'll be surprised. Edit - i'll take a copy of that magical unpublished study though.
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    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Icaros, Scop x Psycho0. Edit - i can store pollen in the freezer if one flowers before the other, right? I'm super excited to cross these guys.
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    The pressure to fudge medical research findings

    We need research police. It would solve the problem. For all research taking place, a research officer could be consulted, and validity could be standardised. At the moment it's just a bunch of kids with cash running around trying to look important and feel respected. If there's one thing i've learned, it's that most in these fields are just trying to get ahead, and will fuck anyone, just as long as they further themselves - these people aren't puritans, and are liable for the same sneaky shit as any other. You guys hear about that antidepressant they recently found was bad for kids' health? It's because the folks who directed and approved it's use, got their dicks wet. Now we have a bunch of (even more) fucked up kids, having to double-treat themselves - and that's not just a social problem, but financial costs x 2. Never stop asking questions.
  24. Cognitive dissonance is taking the easier path. I have totally told a girl that i liked her boobs whilst intending to complement her hair on the walk-up. for the record, i have also enjoyed memories distinct to the consciousness i have been in at the time. like, damn the sun is bright. and, wow that girl is attractive. and, i think my father is not a retard. ...and only one of those is relative to me sober.
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    don't cha hate it when..

    don't you hate it when your biltong goes sour in the box. now that is a serious tragedy.