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silicosis options. acute and other.

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OK. I have spent the last couple months making a kiln for my arts requirements. Despite my efforts to protect myself (a bit lacking if I'm honest) I have found myself at times unable to breathe (edit- some 5% max) for hours on end. with fever type situations the night when this effect became known. It has come and gone over the last month or so. I didnt think about the silica dust in the bricks nor the clay i was working with. It got through the house, then my mop broke at the time i needed it most. having a bike only it's hard to buy one.

so, weeks it's been wiping the floor down on hands and knee's with a wet cloth. trying every day to remove any dust that has emerged from between the floor boards (and everything else). this stuff is just so fine. it seems to pass right through skin pores too.

I'm aware there is no known cure as such and i may have little time to enjoy life at this point.

I have read that the indian sugar material jaggery is used with some success (best yet) something to do with invert sugars (have no idea yet about this). I'm today asking help from nature and the good folks of the world found here. I'm aware there are some very smart people here possibly involved in biomedical fields.

My question is simple one. Does anyone here have any idea's at all how else i might be able to help myself with this horrid situation? I don't care at all if you have no "papers" or other such materials. I also don't care if your idea is currently recognized or not. After any input at all. Any "gut feelings" etc you might have. In short, this is for me only, no other life. I will take an educated chance on myself. rather happily.

possible the chelate these compounds? silicon dioxide, so, silicon and oxygen matrix.

Thanks for any offerings at all.

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First thought: "Whole lung lavage". So to physically remove the particles. Research shown it to be effective for early/accelerated silicosis.

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Have you been diagnosed with silicosis or are you just suffering respiratory distress ?

I worked in power stations for years, I was exposed to a lot of particulate matter in that time, including refractory materials and superfine fly ash in clouds so thick you couldn't see through them at times.

I've had symptoms similar to yours, but I don't think anyone would class it as silicosis so soon after exposure. Silicosis normally takes years to become apparent, although the damage can be done in a relatively short time.

It sounds more like congestion and possibly even asthma that you are experiencing. A GP might even class it as CPOD.

I've had issues where I couldn't breathe very well and treated it myself with 3% food grade H202 in a new nasal spray atomiser. If anything like that flares up I blast a few sprays of it into my mouth and inhale as deep as I can. That gets me breathing again.

The H202 you buy from a chemist has additives in it that I wouldn't want to inhale, but for a short term use or test to see if it helps it's OK, some people use the non food grade stuff long term and seem to think it's OK. I would only use food grade stuff myself.

20 years ago a herbalist could have given you Comfrey to help you hack up the phlegm, but these days it's not allowed to be taken internally - because of the results of a fraudulently misrepresented study that the whole world has accepted as truth.

A cigarette once in a blue moon is a good way to irritate the mucus membranes and cause me to hack up a mouthful of crap too.

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hmm thanks, Whole lung lavage would be an idea, but I'd want to avoid docs at this time. doctors have run me through so much suffering and pain for years on end for things that ended up taking me 2 weeks to fix. sick of hearing them say silly things, like "theres no way you could feel cancer growing into your skin". they were wrong yet again... WLL would require private healthcare perhaps? perhaps not a possibility for me. great suggestion though =)

so, I'm liking the ideas thus far. Comfrey is a thought, i was thinking similar lines with coltsfoot and or mullien (cant recall whats the best one for lung). The idea of low % h202 is interesting. I have to admit i did wonder about covalent bonds with the oxygen.

it could be "respiratory distress" from breathing MASSIVE amounts of silicon dioxide flour, fire bricks, and ceramic fibers from the building of the kiln. a process that took months. while all the time that stuff was blowing though the house. collecting on my clothes etc. etc. when all this became a massive issue causing me some 3-4% max lung capacity (it's not nearly enough air, you tend to just drop to the ground desperate for air, no energy) getting slowly better over the following 2 days after i went to bed one night not long ago. I had, day or two before after working for some time on the kiln, lay on the bed for a rest and must have put silicon dioxide on it. so, that night when i slept and moved around as i do in sleep i must have ruffled this from the bed in plumes that covered my head. causing instant choking and highly limited air intake. The effects I'm trying to deal with are spot on with acute silicosis and so is the environment I'm currently living in. for weeks, despite my cleaning there is a haze in the air.

Worth noting is that acute silicosis doesn't take years to develop and can kill in weeks / months. I have often worked in such bad environments too over the years and doc has noted with my many x-rays over time that my lungs are inflamed with whitish less dense patches seen. the start of emphysema he says. last x-ray was last year i think. there is nothing else i have come into contact with, or worked with over the last few months.

Anyhow, thanks again for the input thus far. gives me a few options to try out.

I'd like to think i can have another 40 years but my doubts are slowly growing :unsure:

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Have you considered trying any proteolytic enzymes to digest the scar tissue ?

Serrapeptase, Nattokinase Bromelain ect

I'd be investigating Qigong or some type of breathing exercise too. With any lung complaint it helps to practice some deep abdominal breathing techniques. With your lung capacity being so low it will be very hard at first and possibly even painful, but learning an abdominal breathing technique can help to get some lung tissue that's been sitting idle for years to function. You might have another 10 -15 % of lung tissue that hasn't been used for most of your adult life that's unaffected by the silicosis that just needs to be mobilised.

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"but learning an abdominal breathing technique can help to get some lung tissue that's been sitting idle for years to function. You might have another 10 -15 % of lung tissue that hasn't been used for most of your adult life that's unaffected by the silicosis that just needs to be mobilised."

hey wow, thats "out of the box" thinking..

It's kinds focusing on the secondary conditions but then again, that matters! thats a pretty good idea too =) You mean by abdominal breathing like a child breathes? causing an increase in imagination (that's a bonus).

was sitting there on couch when i noticed a bottle of material i had bough from SAB store some time back (great store too by the way!) elecampane. hmm thats for lung issues as i recall. i think. pretty sure that why i bough it. something tells me this is going to be a long tough road filled with no pleasure at all. might end up at the darn doctors yet, asking about lung lavage. more bloody x-rays... oh well. i suppose exercise is important too, time to take kitty out for walk soon.

thanks heaps Satyr and Sally. :wink:

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Hi mate, I have been dealing with the fact I am no longer as healthy as I thought I was for the last three years

I have lung problems that I have been treating under the advice and many days of research of my own

Bit of history of mine first

Early years of life bronchitis etc.

All my life upper respiratory infections, and many forms of treatment, nose puffers, lots of antibiotics blah blah

Apprentice and trade life exposure to asbestos concrete dust, silica, fibreglass and many more

Allergy diagnosis at approx 28 dogs cats horses Rhinocort improved my life a lot

At 42 had serendipitous accident and fell on my head out of a trailer and X-rays showed bad apical lung condition, this then led to more information, lots more to story but for another time

My current essential meds are chlorophyll and olive leaf extract in the morning approx 15ml of each

Slice of ginger root and garlic clove also multivitamin And 2x vitamin c

I also have a seratide puffer once a day and ventolin if needed (only during exasabations)

Breakfast for the last 3 years consists of scrambled eggs with basil and ginger, chili and anything else I add herb wise

At night I take ginger and sometimes garlic

A tea of tyme and fennel seed added to normal tea helps me a bit when needed

I have excercised heavily all my young life with martial arts being the primary

My lungs are pretty good at the bottom as they have expanded to fill the room left by the scared tops and I have good volume but they don't work so good due to mucus buildup which I try to keep under control

In my opinion it sounds a lot like inflammation only due to my own experience with similar thingys

I try any herb I feel might help and will experiment all the rest of my life in this way

TCM and any other cultural medicines have there place along with modern medicine

I am under the care of a highly skilled thoracic surgeon in Brisbane who advises any complimentary medicine along with mainstream modern medicine as requested

Learn to wear a good quality flat fold dust mask for any dust generating jobs including digging a hole or cleaning a shed

Fingers crossed for you, if you need any more info from me just ask

Share whatever knowledge and experience we can

Cheers Bones :-)

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