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  1. satyr

    Grafted LW

    SOLD Looking for a new home for her. Grafted on trich pach., 15+ pups, flowering regularly, hard-grown (few blemishes). I am a bit weary packing/posting her due to pupping and weight, so pick up from the Tweed/GC area would be preferred. PM me with a reasonable offer and we can sort something out.
  2. satyr

    chlorinated water & mushroom growing

    In commercial Mushroom growing OPs (A bisporus), case waters after flushes are done with "Town Water" with a an added free chlorine content of up to 150ppm and pH of around 5.5. So yeah using tap-water for outdoor watering/casing hydration/humidity totally fine. For spore syringes I wld use sterilized water for injection or aqua dest.
  3. For sale are the following grafts: 1. Diameter: 7.5 cm, 1 pup, blemish free, grafted onto peruvianus, flowered multiple times, produced seeds. A$ 70 2. Diameter: 7 cm, 4 pups, blemish free, grafted onto pachanoi, flowered multiple times. A$ 70 3. Diameter: 6 cm, 3 pups, blemish free, grafted onto pereskiopsis, flowered multiple time, produced seeds.A$ 60 Plus A$ 15, express post Wont send to WA or TAS Please pm for details. Thank you!
  4. satyr

    Loph Grafts for sale

    For sale are the following grafts: 1. Diameter: 7.5 cm, 1 pup, blemish free, grafted onto peruvianus, flowered multiple times. A$ 115 2. Diameter: 7 cm, 4 pups, blemish free, grafted onto pachanoi, flowered multiple times. A$115 3. Diameter: 6 cm, 3 pups, blemish free, grafted onto pereskiopsis, flowered multiple time, produced seeds.A$90 Plus A$ 15, express post Please pm for details. Thank you!
  5. satyr

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Would anyone be able to enlighten me re. the term "blind growth" :-) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Button-Cactus-Wiliamsi-Monstrose-Blind-Growth-Very-Unusual-Rare-Succulent-/252117308259?hash=item3ab35cd363
  6. First thought: "Whole lung lavage". So to physically remove the particles. Research shown it to be effective for early/accelerated silicosis.
  7. satyr

    wanted P.som

    Have a surplus of P. som. var paeoniiflorum seeds if those are according to your taste, pm me your details.
  8. satyr

    Vale ReshroomEd

    Oh no Met him in the Otways and sure enough "Eileen" was the beginning of my cactus appreciation! Safe Travels Ed....
  9. Ok, mushroom in question is a bit battered but hope someone can help. -found growing from wood stump just above ground (in total 2 fruiting bodies developed) -cap: 20cm, grey to white, offset -gills: white, so spore color probably whitish too -stipe: bare -smell: mushroomy/yum Thinking of cloning it straight in LC as if it is edible it lends itself well for outdoor cultivation in the plains. Thanks for your help
  10. Ah here we go...checked upon the "glowing" and tata it truly emits some light!!! Would not have expected Omphalotus in the 'burbs', but obviously a night-forest-wander is in order to appreciate bio-luminescence of younger specimens in all its glory Thanks Distracted!
  11. satyr

    ID request, Hunter Valley NSW

    Yes, Gymnopilus junonius
  12. Worth looking into the Boron-Arthritis connection, possibly it is applicable in dogs as well. http://www.rexnewnhamarthritiseducation.com/paper.asp
  13. satyr

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/royal-park/plants/columnar-cactus/1081014809 Adelaide Region, looks like a peruvianus :-)
  14. Had our old kelpi religiously on TUMERIC
  15. satyr

    Treating cats FIV

    From Wiki Pharmacology The first pharmacological study of hordenine to be recorded is that of Heffter, who was also the first to isolate it. Using the sulfate salt (see "Chemistry"), Heffter gave a subcutaneous dose of 0.3 g to a 2.8 kg cat (~ 107 mg/kg), and observed no effects besides violent vomiting; the cat behaved normally within 45 mins. He also took a dose of 100 mg orally himself, without experiencing any observable effect. However, the alkaloid was observed to produce a paralysis of the nervous system in frogs.[2]
  16. satyr

    Treating cats FIV

    Great job there ghosty...interesting stuff!! So can I confirm is the following your "base mixture": <<<The solution is made from Cats claw, echinacea, olive leaf, reishi mushroom and maitake mushroom.>>> And what did you add to the solution which caused the recent further improvement: <<<By the first test of a new plant decoction I was looking to add, I noticed an almost instant change in her....72 hours later gave her one drop of same solution. Observe her for the next 3 days. Well, All signs of virus attack seems gone>>> Thank you! Power to you and the kitty
  17. Have been making coll silver/ionic silver solutions for quite some time with a home made rig. Mainly external application especially in animals (skin/eye/ear), as the solution does not sting nor has neg. effects when licked off. Neat article re. the chem difference of silver-solutions and the associated risk of argyria.
  18. satyr

    Jealous Slander

    I remember that camp-out very well...received my 1. ever cactus cutting from reshroomED, "Eileen" and left with pockets full of mush. I got along with reshroomED very well. He struck me as knowledgeable and generous.
  19. satyr

    Eating A. muscaria?

    There is even an Amanita Appreciation Society Site on FB... with links re. preparation :-) https://www.facebook.com/AmanitamuscariaAppreciationSociety?fref=ts We use oven dried material as spice, ground down to a powder in stews, soups and alike.
  20. satyr

    seed give away

    5x sets of the following seeds to give away, pm me... Pap. som. (paeoniflorum) & Toothache plant (Spilanthes acmella)
  21. satyr

    seed give away

    I never used it in a therapeutic way...but chewing the leaves/buds definitely causes numbing, a sort of electric tingling and increased salivation. Further info was found on the webzzz: " Toothache plants contain spilanthol which acts as an anaesthetic/analgesic. They also show anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and it is a sialagogue, stimulating the increased flow of saliva and consequently promoting digestion. The entire plant (root, stem, leaf and flower) is medicinally active. The dried plant, especially the dried flower buds retain their "zing" for up to a year after harvest. Spilanthol's muscle relaxing effects have even meant that an extract of the plant has found its way into high-end face creams that claim to have a natural 'botox' effect."
  22. satyr

    seed give away

    Seeds sent today!
  23. satyr

    seed give away

    All gone...thank you!