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Khat in tasmania.

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Hi all.

Just wondering if someone could clear a thing or two up for me as im no doubt over looking something...

Now as im aware it is legal to grow khat in tas, It is illegal to harvest anf extract. You can import upto 5kg a month for personal use as long as you posses an AQIS permit and then a OCSEH lisence.

Now this is were some imput would be great and I know my dumbness is no doubt blinding me but from what I have read, I cant find stated that you have to be samali or ethiopian to gain these papers.... Can an average whitie joe blow gain these permit/licence to import a personal suply??? Has anyone or knows of someonr that has done so???

Thanks people DrG

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I had always presumed it was a cultural import.....just a presumption.

But also would need to gain a pemit from Tas Quarantine for intention to import and have inspected on arrival if one

would qualify on the above conditions.

Never known anyone to do it here, including those down here from Africa. Not to say it doesn't happen though.....

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From what I've read about that plant it has to be eaten fresh and by about 24 hours the stuff don't work any more. In the countries where it's used a lot, they wrap the leaves and keep them wet and cold constantly while in saddle bags on camels but this only goes for a few days max.

So, if your lucky enough to get someone who would ship it well refrigerated and sprayed then you could have a week max until it gets old, maybe abit more, but it seems pointless putting all that effort in just to get a chew that's below par,

Dude to chew 5kg in a few days lol, you'd have like no mouth left :)

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yes, whites can apply for the license. But only some states allow the possession, so make sure you check your state laws first.

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