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    Naturopathic Degrees/Coures

    I've still got 2 years to go with my engineering degree so I'd get there on your last year. It's a shame there's no traditional amazonian medicine degree. I just finished reading the course outline and it looks like the degree is more interesting than the SCU one. At least I've got 2 years to decide!
  2. Shamanistic

    Naturopathic Degrees/Coures

    Just reading through the course now, so far it looks like a decent course How long do you have to go with your degree?
  3. Shamanistic

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Today I repotted my Alicia Anisopetala vine into the pot she shall remain until I move out and and can get her into the ground. It's a nice 50L pot so it should give her enough room for a while anyway. Might keep her inside of a night time for a few more weeks though. Featuring part of a cereus I've had for a few years. Speaking of Riveas Simhanda here are mine, I was very happy with the germination rate. Only 1 hasn't germinated so far.
  4. Shamanistic

    Fuk u kangaroo!!!

    Sucks to hear about your car! Reminds me of when I was camping on new years up near port maquarie and dad was riding a bike with a carton of tooheys on the hangers and had a roo jump out in front of him and hit the front wheel. He ended up face planting the road and he lost a few beers. As much as it woulda hurt I couldn't stop laughing Bigred, I saw one at a camping shop on time and thought that if they worked they'd be neat little devices. There was a study done by Melbourne uni that showed that in their tests the devices were ineffective. It's probably just as effective screaming at the roo telling them to get the fuck outa the way.
  5. Shamanistic

    PRISM Planet

    Good to see that this information has come out. I just hope that this momentum keeps building and doesn't fizzle out like a lot of other big stories have. Nixon stepped down because he wiretapped a few journalists and I'm pretty sure some political opponents. Barack effectively wiretaps the whole world so I could see this going big but I'm of the oppinion that he will not step down at least willingly like Nixon did. I don't want to see a violent revolution but if momentum continues then a revolution is at least on the cards if not likely. Another thing is how interesting it is to see the media being so polarized, though I am not sure how anyone can really defend it, it goes to show that not all hope is lost. Quite interesting times we live in right now, popcorn anyone?
  6. While I don't agree with you 100% on all things, for example your inclusion of Ketamine as a 'Transcendental Compound' which is known to be accutely addictive though you may have changed your stance on this compound I am unsure, I do agree with the basic premise that we should be allowed to ingest these compounds if that is our desire and our actions do not hurt anyone. I think more people who disagree with you should look at the similarities of our various ideals than the differences. I admire your persistance and your willingness to take on our fight in a form that no one else does. I'll be donating what I can in your campaign.
  7. Shamanistic

    Whats new at Wandjina Gardens

    Hey toast I know it's a little late to try now but a while back I got spiked by a cacti as well. I found rubbing the flesh around where I was spiked to be incredibly effective in helping to reduce the pain and it didn't end up getting infected. Before trying this I'd been spiked previously and had a sore hand for a week. Something to keep in mind next time.
  8. Shamanistic

    jwerta's heart break thread!

    Sorry to hear your bad news man. Like others have said it's an emotional rollercoaster but in my experience I've always came out much stronger and I think that's true in all cases.It's really probably the best idea to contact her however hard that may be because it will probably just make things worse, trust me I know from experience from both ends. See it as a time for transformation rather than decent and before you know it you'll be back on your feet and while feelings may still exist within they will not bother you in the same way as now. Last break up I had I was pretty shattered but then I had a dream one night which helped me through it. To make a long story short I smashed my phone in the dream and went to try get it fixed. Was told it couldn't be fixed and it had to be thrown away. The shop keeper said that I could take this opportunity to perfect the phone I had to the ideal phone for me and I said but it really did everything I wanted. Then he replied, but did it do anything you don't like. Not sure exactly how long the dream went on after this but I soon woke up. I didn't really think of it in the dream but when I woke up I saw how this could have been related to my recent break up and that I could use this time to find someone else who before that dream I was duped into thinking they couldn't possibly as 'right' for me as someone else but after that dream I considered the situation from a new angle. I'm sending the best vibes I can, good luck man. Just remember not to be walked all over thinking that the best thing is for you two the get back together. While it could be, there is also a possibility that it's not.
  9. Shamanistic

    Oxfam auction number 5

    I can donate some 50 acacia acuminata seed, especially to a cause like this
  10. Bigred, If you're interested in making a ram pump you might wanna check out: http://freeenergynews.com/Directory/GravityMotors/Art_Shaefer/Water-Lifting_device_21pp.pdf Which describes an improved ram pump. Water hammer is an incredibly interesting effect imo. There is also a very interesting theory that the great pyramid was actually intended to be some sort of ram pump, then again there is a theory for the great pyramid being everything from made by extra terrestrials, spiritual temple to a bloody tomb. If you are interested you can find more on that here: http://sentinelkennels.com/Research_Article_V41.html
  11. Shamanistic

    Freemason invite :/

    I quite recently found out that there is a fair history of freemasonry on my mums side of the family. Had my nans brothers come and stay with us about 4 - 5 months ago, two of which were freemasons and apparently 2 of her other brothers and my great grandfather were/are also freemasons. It seems like an interesting sort of organisation and I was quite intrigued when he was talking about higher degrees of masonry, although it was quite vauge. He said they can't talk about a lot of stuff with non-masons. I'm sure he was making it sound a lot more mysterious than it needs to be though since he was trying to get me interested in it. If he didn't live up in QLD I'd probably go along to a meeting with him. I'd recommend checking it out, even just to have some time with your dad and perhaps see another part of his life that you've otherwise been compltely unaware of.
  12. Shamanistic

    The Knife and the Spot.

    Very enjoyable/amazing read! I agree Holymountain, with stories like this I wouldn't be able to put it down I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what tales that knife could tell since it was taken from you.
  13. Shamanistic

    Rivea seed giveaway

    The seeds arrived today, thank you very much!
  14. Shamanistic

    Rivea seed giveaway

    I'd be interested in some if you've got any left aswell
  15. Shamanistic

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    Sorry to hear that bro, fuck that must suck. I think you should go ahead with your idea with compiling a list of suppliers which supply these cacti. Just worry about yourself here man I don't think you providing a list of suppliers is going to be terrible for us all, at worst we just won't be able to get cacti from bunnings etc anymore. Somehow I really don't see this happening because once it starts encroaching on a businesses profits is when money will get poured in to stopping these sort of nonsensical laws which will only help our cause really. Plus when you goto court and it is shown just how widespread these cacti are then it'll demonstrate just how illogical and unenforceable these laws are. I'd include in this list not just the cacti but also the hordes of native, not to mention endemic, plants which are effectively illegalized by these laws. I wish you the best of luck Myco!
  16. Shamanistic

    Happy birthday Bigred

    Happy birthday mate! I know you said any charity but what charity would you donate to if it was you?
  17. Thanks for the update Torsten. These parliamentarians really frustrate me at times, well a lot of the time. Someone should graffiti all coffee shops saying that the coffee may cause effects similar to MDMA and see how long those pollys go without their coffee. Times like these we need a facepalm emotion but I'll just settle with this one
  18. Hey all, I've done a few successful psychotria leaf cuttings before but have only ever cut them in half. I was thinking that it might work if I divide the leaf into 3rds (perhaps even 4ths) for even more sprouts, anyone have any experience with that? I mean as long as the leaf is in the right orientation I think it should work. Also has anyone rooted psychotria leaves in soil because I've only ever tried in moist paper towel and water. I'd say it might be a go-er but I don't want to waste any leaves Thanks heaps!
  19. Herbalisitcs has Alicia Anisopetala and some of those caapi varieties in stock but they don't come back online until the 18th, check them out.
  20. Shamanistic

    WTB Special Aya vines

    Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the scanners do pickup biological materials. I'm honestly unsure but I remember when I was looking frantically for this plant I saw in a thread that someone claimed to have DC seeds and it was found that they weren't dc seeds because they didn't have a wavy skirting around the seed (I forget the technical name). I'll go and try and find this topic I am talking about. From memory they don't set seed in peru but do in brazil or something along those lines. If you search around you'll also see that people are talking about how it's here in Aus but no one who has it is willing to share Now off to find that thread Here's a post by Torsten that says he knows people who have it; http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1401&p=10266 Bare in mind that was in 2000 so nothing has come of it, not even 13 years later. Heres another thread with the seed morphology in it (although not the one I am talking about): http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17619&hl=%2Bdiplopterys+%2Bcabrerana *goes back to searching*
  21. Shamanistic

    WTB Special Aya vines

    Well customs wouldn't have had the same tech that they do now so even if they weren't more lax it would have been easier to get things in then than it is now. Oh and also Diplopterys Cabrerana does set seed but not very often.
  22. Shamanistic

    WTB Special Aya vines

    From what I can gather salvia was imported well before it was made illegal and at a time when things may have been more lax in customs.
  23. Shamanistic

    WTB Special Aya vines

    I would be down on throwing in money to source these plants too. Would be nice knowing that chaliponga exists in aussie. Alicia shouldn't be too hard to source, like poisonshroom said herbalistics have a few in stock.
  24. Shamanistic

    Vanishing condom...

    Hahahah, you got quite a chuckle from me. I had a similar thing happen to me when I was a young teen and I ended up finding it on the bottom of one of my shoes, no idea how I got there considering I wasn't wearing any shoes, plus I only walked on the floor not the bed If you do end up finding it I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who'd be interested in hearing, or maybe I'm just a lone sicko
  25. Shamanistic

    Happy Birthday Shamanistic

    Thanks everyone. Had a blast today in more ways than one. Yeah Sally my cuttings rooted real well. Couldnt get enough of it