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Found 3 results

  1. Bert&Ernie

    SAB Support Thread!

    Everyone has problems! And just talking about them can help you get a clearer picture of how to solve them, even better is getting other peoples opinions! So here is a thread for all you lovely people to post issues and get opinions on the sort of things you can do to get through the tough times! there are many wise members on this forum who have probably lived through some really tough times or have gone through the same issues you are having right now and im sure they will be more than willing to help anyone having problems. If you are having issues post them here and hopefully one of us can help you out! Peace!!!
  2. Bert&Ernie

    jwerta's heart break thread!

    Post your sad story's of heart break and read/get some good advise on how to over come and move on! Hi guys and gals i really needed to share this with you all. So my girlfriend of nearly 2 years just broke up with me, i didn't even see it coming, i have never felt a pain like this before for someone that you love to just leave and be out of your life forever it aches so much. I loved her more than anything in the world I shred my darkest secrets with her and opened my all to her and the worst part is she says she still loves me but i cant understand how that is possible. I fell so sick i fell like i wish none of it ever happened sure it was all great and fun while it lasted but now this pain i fell i would easily give up the whole time we spent together to not feel like this.... what can i do i feel so lost i had so much more to give her we had so many more times to share i have birthday presents to give her and its also nearly mine... i was looking at buying a house and living with her and growing old with her i just don't know what to do or even feel now all i feel is nothing or absolute sadness. please help me sabers!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  3. The usual, cliched, philosophical question: "What is the meaning of life?" never really made any sense to me. It is like a computer asking what electricity means... doesn't really mean much, but it sure has a purpose. So, it seems more pertinent to ask what is the purpose of life. For me, it seems the purpose of life can be summed it in one word: creativity. At a fundamental, biological level, as sexual organisms, our purpose is to reproduce. This involves creating a new individual that is novel in both is genetic makeup and epigenetic context (i.e. the environment that the child is brought up in). On a materialistic level, one of our purposes can be said to be creating physical (including pseudo-physical things such as software) tools that extend our capabilities in 4D space and time. At a more abstract level, we humans seem almost compelled to create art (of all kinds, poetry, painting, drawing, music, writing, gardens, computer code etc) simply for the gratuitous pleasure of it. Life itself can be seen as an act of evolutionary creativity; each new generation, and each successive species in the tree of life are novel adaptations on previous forms. The acknowledgement of creativity as a basic principle of life is useful as it provides a compass on what to do with our own lives - to absorb the creations/manifestations in the world around us, process them in our alchemical vessel that is the body and mind, and excrete our own unique creations. This then begs the question, what it is the end state, or attractor, for this creativity? Was the universe created so that humans could be created, so that we could create electronic circuits that could create a new universe in another dimension? Does this resonate with anyone? What do you believe the purpose of life to be? Does it even have a purpose?